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October 7, 2015

Boulder Creek Builders Stapleton Inventory Update!

Here’s the latest on Boulder Creek Builders inventory in Stapleton!

Before I get into it I want to mention that this post won’t go into great detail about the homes but if you want some more background about Boulder Creek and their ranch style patio homes they are building in Stapleton you can check out this previous post.

Boulder Creek Builders is a good fit for buyers looking to be in the very low to mid $500k’s price range (all in, including everything) It works well for buyers who want a “lock and leave” low maintenance lifestyle.

Inventory Information:

Boulder Creek Builders has 5 “spec” homes (meaning homes already under construction even though they aren’t sold) available for sale.  One that is available today (here are the details!) and 4 that will be ready for move in late 2015! This could be a great fit for buyers who don’t want to wait for a complete dirt start which could take over 6 months. Of these 5 lots, 2 of them are facing South on a quiet street and 3 are facing 56th which is pretty busy. If I were a buyer I’d go for the ones facing South and avoid the traffic.  (here is a link to their plans)

If these spec homes aren’t for you and you want to start a home from dirt they have some options available on Akron Ct in Willow Park East. These lots are a little more expensive than the specs but they are in a nice quiet area. There is currently two Entice plans, 1 Imagine and 1 Dream floor plan available.

After Willow Park East Boulder Creek Builders plans to build in the Bluff Lake (Aurora) neighborhood of Stapleton which should start in 2016. Their plans will likely be a little different and the basement finish will be optional, rather than included, which will make the prices of the homes go down. (unless you choose to finish the basement). Here is an article about the Aurora section of Stapleton and I’ll keep you updated as more info becomes available.

So that is the update on what Boulder Creek Builders has available in Stapleton. Again, if you are thinking about buying I’d love to help as your buyer’s agent. Whether you buy new or resale be sure to check out all the options so you make the best decision possible for you and your family.

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