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March 1, 2021

Bikers and hikers rejoice! Exciting news out of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal

Imagine hopping on your mountain bike at the Stanley and pedaling north through Northfield, traversing the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, and then returning all the way south to the Stanley for lunch – without ever getting off your bike. Or how about stepping out of your new home in North End next to the southern border […]

February 18, 2021

This Week in Central Park Real Estate 2.19.21

There’s a lot going on in Central Park these days – and not just with home sales and purchases. Understandably things have been slower the past year in the neighborhood when it comes to new restaurants, developments, and deals, but things are starting to pick up quickly. In our Inside Scoop post last week, we […]

February 9, 2021

Inside Scoop: new bottles & bike shop, $39m deal, film school coming, 2 projects that will change Central Park forever, and more!

There’s a lot going on in Central Park these days!  While many local openings, developments, and expansions have understandably been on hold, things are starting to pick up locally and elsewhere in the Denver metro. As a co-owner of local real estate brokerage Focus Real Estate, I’m always tracking the latest business news around our wonderful […]

February 2, 2021

New incline is the hottest outdoor activity in Denver

Here at the Scoop we’ve been hearing a lot about Denver’s new Incline Challenge, which is about 30 minutes from Central Park. Similar to the famous Manitou Incline, the Incline Challenge is essentially a heart-pounding stairwell up the side of a hill. My husband Alex (Focus’ and the Scoop’s real estate attorney) and I stopped […]

About Mariel Ross

Mariel Ross is a local real estate broker and Northfield resident. She is a regular contributor to The Scoop and loves to write about building her new home, her latest Pinterest obsessions, and anything related to "big data".

(720) 316-7653 | mariel@focus-realtors.com
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