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January 4, 2022

A trend you haven’t heard of? Say hello to front door staging!

Mariel checks out the final result

You never know when you might learn something new!

Our team here at Focus was fortunate to list and successfully sell just shy of 100 homes around Denver in 2021. Needless to say I thought I’d seen it all when it comes to preparing, staging, and selling homes.

But how wrong I was!

Last year I was introduced to a new home staging niche I hadn’t heard of before. In fact it might just be the most interesting idea I’ve heard in some time. Central Park Scoop friends, I’d like to introduce you to entryway / front door staging.

Yes, the idea is exactly what it sounds like. For a few hundred dollars a local design company – we’ve used Spruce Design – will custom design a style for your exterior entryway, bring in and install curated decor (without your involvement – so it can be all contactless), and then several months later return and either change up your look to match the season or remove the decor.

Front door staging by Spruce

One of my husband’s bigger gripes centers around all the staging furniture and accessories we own and, for better or worse, store in our home and at our office. I almost always recommend professional staging to our clients when we list their homes (so you know, main floor and primary bedroom staging tends to range from $1,500 to $2,500, including delivery and install, around Denver). In fact, I’m such a big believer in staging that we’ll cover the cost of a professional staging consultation for you so you get a great feel for what’s possible for your home.

But even in the absence of more robust staging of, say, 4-5 rooms in your home, I’ll almost always bring some of our staging items to compliment what you currently have. You can call this “micro-staging” or any one of a dozen different terms. The point is we believe staging at almost any level can make a difference!

So naturally, let’s take that same idea of “micro-staging” and address your front door area. First impressions are important, whether you’re selling your home or just having friends over. A bleak entryway could slightly sour a potential buyer’s opinion long before they make it upstairs and see the amazing staging you did in your master bedroom. So why not try to make a great impression right off the bat?

I love the touch of green and splash of seasonal pumpkins

We’re very cost-conscious here at Focus (thus our reduced commissions) and front door pricing is reasonable, too. For example, Spruce’s packages range from $285 to $485 dollars.

The process is simple. You sign up online and send Spruce a picture of your entryway. Then, Spruce shows up and installs your front door design elements and off they go!

If you use Spruce, your front design will stay up for the approximate three month duration of the season you choose. If you opted for the holiday add-on, they will install and/or take down at the appropriate time within the season.

So there you have it, friends! Whether you’re selling your home or just want someone else to provide you with front door inspiration, entryway staging is a relatively inexpensive and hands-off way for you to help maximize your front door look.

You can learn more about Spruce at www.spruce-design.com and on Instagram (@sprucedesigndenver).

I like the coziness of this entryway, with splashes of blues to compliment the whites

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