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June 20, 2018

A Duct Cleaning Deal for Stapleton Scoop Readers!

Debris from dryer vents

Have you had your Stapleton home’s ducts cleaned? If you’re like me, it’s probably been towards the bottom of your “to do” list for years so you never get to it. Well, I finally got to it yesterday so I wanted to share my experience with you, pass along a few potential contractors you can use and give you a way to get 10% off as a Scoop reader!

Why clean your ducts?  

In my case I wanted them cleaned because we’ve lived there over 7 years and they’ve never been cleaned out, even after the initial construction of the home.  The ducts obviously are the the pathways for air throughout your home so if they’re full of dust, debri and stuff my kids may have tossed down the registers it affects the air we breathe. Plus I’ve had allergies that have developed over the past few years so I thought this may help. Lastly, when they clean your ducts they also clean your furnace (which extends it’s life) and they can clean out your dryer vents (which is one of the most common sources of house fires!). So it’s making your HVAC system more efficient and making your home more safe. Speaking of safety, we have two dryer vent lines.  One was mostly full of lint and the other was completely clogged!  Check out the pic, yikes!

Debris cleaned from dryer vent

Who should I use to clean my ducts?

There are a lot of duct cleaners out there, so who should you use for your Stapleton home?  I was a little cautious about who to call because I’ve heard a lot of bad stories about “groupon” deals people buy then when the contractor shows up there were a ton of up charges and it ended being way more than they thought.  So I asked around online, read some reviews and got some personal Stapleton references and at the end of they day I met with two contractors.

Premium Duct Cleaners
Brandon Martin
(303) 618- 1073

I ultimately chose to work with Brandon because his pricing was comparable to the other contractor, he came highly recommended by several Stapleton families and he seems to focus on the neighborhood like me.



Flatirons Duct Cleaning
(303) 593-0698

Saul came out, was very professional, highly recommended by someone I trust in Stapleton and had comparable pricing.  I think he would have been a great option too so I wanted to make sure to share two options with you.

How much does it cost?

This answer depends on your home, the number of duct lines that need to be cleaned, the number of furnaces and the number of dryer vents you want cleaned. But all that said, the ballpark for a middle of the road Stapleton single family home will be somewhere in the $350-$500 range. Note that if you use Brandon Martin with Premium Duct Cleaners you can get 10% off your total cost by mentioning you’re a Stapleton Scoop reader!  Just have him out, get the bid then tell him you found him on the Scoop to receive your discount.

After Cleaning

How can I learn more?

Learn more about the process and meet Brandon in this quick video we shot when he was out cleaning the ducts at our house. Then reach out to Brandon at (303) 618-1073 to set up an appointment with him to get an estimate for your duct cleaning.

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