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Working With a Realtor on a New Construction Home

I was so lucky to have the opportunity to join the new home builder gurus Mike Davidson and Garrett Boyd on Episode 4 of Wonderland Homes’ insightful podcast, “Nailing It.” So much fun!

As you may know, Wonderland is building in Stapleton, so naturally there’s Stapleton chatter throughout. The episode is called “Working with a Realtor,” but Garrett, Mike, and I cover everything from going into labor in a new-build (eek), the fabulous Denver Broncos themed home in Stapleton, as well as the how and whys of having a realtor support you on your new home build. Here’s the quick table of contents with the minute marks so you can skip around!:

0:14 – A little about me
2:30 – I know how you feel – I built my own home, too!
6:00 – Do I need a realtor to build a new home, or can I DIY?
10:20 – But really, how are realtors paid on resold homes and new-build homes?
12:35 – Give it to me straight – what exactly are a realtor’s fees?
13:30 – How do I find a realtor?
15:00 – The big 3 questions you should ask your prospective realtor

18:00 – What’s better, new homes or resale homes?
19:15 – My most interesting experience working with a home builder
21:40 – On a ledge, let me talk you off it!
22:40 – Two words: Broncos house
28:25 – Closing gifts – Stapleton countertops and Sterling Ranch fences

The team at Focus Real Estate is here to make your new home a reality – so reach out to us any time if we can help!

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