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May 24, 2023

Working with a landscaping design professional, Twisted Vine Landscape & Design, for a “Sun-sational” backyard!

Does your yard need a facelift for 2023? The thought of creating and executing the right design for a yard that is functional and stylish, but also properly designed for correct drainage and durability can be overwhelming. If you are not from Colorado, selecting the correct foliage and trees can be challenging as you may not know what grows best here. Have you struggled with deciding what to do?

Whether you are starting with dirt at a newly built home or have an older yard that could use a proper reworking, we could all learn a thing of two when it comes to design!  We connected with the popular and well respected, Gina and John Clemmons, of Twisted Vine Landscape & Design to learn about the process of what to expect when working with a landscape design professional as well as the top trends they are currently seeing in Colorado.

First, do I really need a design professional? Speaking from the view of a real estate broker, when it comes to maximizing your yard space, a professional’s expertise will be unmatched. They see various sized yards and designs all the time and know what works best for our climate here in Colorado. Their ability to absorb a client’s vision, map it out for practicality and deliver an outstanding finished product is absolutely worth it! When it comes to selling your home, yard functionality is a big deal for most buyers and if it’s already done for them? Chef’s Kiss!!

Great, what does the process look like when working with Twisted Vine Design? Twisted Vine Landscape & Design is a professional landscape design & construction company that has experience working throughout the country. TVD combines the skills of Landscape Designers, Horticulturists, Carpenters, Stone Masons and Lighting & Irrigation Specialists along with the creative mind of a Cultured Artist and Certified Herbalist dedicated to offering clients a unified construction experience. TVD excels in their ability to connect with clients to help them create the oasis they have been dreaming of. When working with a vendor, trust ranks at the top of most people’s list. TVD wants to make sure you are happy with the selected design and will use their expertise to guide your vision from initial drawings to reality. 

To get started, you will have a call with the team of TVD to make sure your vision is within their scope, John will then come out and assess your project onsite. He will walk you through the various materials available, desired plants and expectations of a timeline for your project.  After your initial consultation the magic begins! Gina takes all the information and maps out the plan on paper for the clients. Once the design is agreed upon, you are placed on the construction calendar and the project moves forward. They work with you every step of the way to ensure you are satisfied with your project!

What are some top tips and trends they can share?


Consider the level of yard maintenance you would like to do! Want to tend to your plants weekly or be able to “lock and leave” when needed with little concern for the yard.

Focus on using native plants and grasses within your design. They are vigorous, hardy and survive winter cold and summer heat.

Think about sustainability when you are designing your outdoor space. Will you design take a lot of water to maintain? Are the materials you are using recycled?


Zones- Since Colorado offers the ability to enjoy your outdoor space most of the year, creating functioning “zones” is optimal for use.

Firepits– they offer the perfect gathering space for conversation and s’mores. (Always have ingredients for impromptu s’mores on hand!)

Pergolas- They offer a beautiful visual aesthetic and a great location for lounging or dining!

Artificial turf- Is a top requested item due to its low maintenance appeal.

Hydroseeding- This is a technique that spreads a specialized grass “slurry” evenly over bare ground to grow grass. This trend is seen more so in the foothill and mountain projects.

I hope this blog inspires you to begin creating the backyard of your dreams! Twisted Vine Design is still taking on projects for this season and their information is below!

Twisted Vine Landscape &Design




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