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January 17, 2013

Get Involved With “Urban Farm” In Stapleton

Looking for a good cause to support right here in our Stapleton community?  Check out “The Urban Farm”!  Located at 10200 Smith Rd, it’s part of Stapleton that isn’t traveled much or well known.  (Basically it’s just to the West of the intersection of Smith Rd and Havana Rd)  The Urban Farm’s mission is to  to teach agricultural and environmental education to urban children, youth and their families.  They provide a rural experience to urban kids who otherwise would only experience life in the city.  Click here to check out The Urban Farm’s website, where they go into detail about what they do and why they exist, as well as the many ways that people can donate or help out.

In addition to helping urban kids a few other things that caught my eye were the public hours the Urban Farm has almost every Saturday where you can take your kids to check out the animals and experience farm life as well as the fact that they offer community garden plots each year.  If you want a space to garden but don’t have size on your lot this may be a way to do it.  Check out their site (link above) for information on how to sign up for plots.

I’m hoping to shoot a video with The Urban Farm soon to provide more insight into what they do and how people can jump in.

Progress Coworking
Progress Coworking
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