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December 14, 2016

What is Wonderland Homes Building in Stapleton Now?

Wonderland Homes is building six different home series in Stapleton!  They’re a long time Stapleton builder and they’re very popular due to their relatively affordable price point and high character homes.

With 6 different series to cover here is a lot to review so lets discuss each one individually.

I’ll start by telling you about their two single family detached home options then we’ll dive into their attached town homes & row homes.

“Portrait” Single Family Home Series:

Portrait is the latest evolution of the traditional single family home series that Wonderland built in other Stapleton neighborhoods.  They will be building these in the Beeler Park area of Stapleton, but not in Bluff Lake.

It’s their traditional series from an architectural standpoint and it will appeal to those who like Craftsman, and Farmhouse style exteriors.  (Although it’s traditional the farmhouse elevations are actually “modern farmhouse” and will appeal to buyers that lean modern).  The homes are base priced in the low to mid $400k’s and after lot premiums, design center finishes and basement options I’d expect many buyers to end in the mid $400k’s to mid $500k’s range.

The homes have 2-3 bedrooms standard depending on the plan and range in square footage from 1,400 – 1,750, not including optional expanded second floors or basements.  If you do some of the expansion options the homes can have as much as 3,000 finished sf and 6 bedrooms!

The homes will be built on a shared courtyard, similar to those in Central Park West.  We live on something similar to these, a “mews”, and we love having the kids be able to run around right out front without having to constantly worry about traffic.  The majority of the plans are two story homes but they do have two ranch plans. One of the two story plans, the “Bannock”, has a main floor master bedroom and can have 4 beds upstairs as well!  Or you can do 3 beds upstairs and a loft.  That plan has a lot of options that are unique and worth exploring.

These homes are being sold now in Beeler Park.  There is one available at this time and more about to be released in the near future.  Here is a helpful page on their website that shows you the specs, renderings of the elevations and pricing for each of the 7 plans!

“Prominence” Single Family Home Series:

The other detached home series that Wonderland Homes is building  is known as the Prominence series.  This series is similar to the Expressions series they were selling previously in Stapleton.  It’s their modern series, a stark contrast to the more traditional series.  This series is much more asymmetrical, more simple in terms of exterior detailing and usually makes use of a couple of different exterior materials.

I find that this series is pretty polarizing with buyers, either they think it looks strange or they love it and they think there is nothing like it and they can’t wait to buy it.  Not many people are neutral on these.  If you’re looking for a modern home in Stapleton it’s either this series or Infinity Homes but Infinity, although amazing, is in a much higher price point.

These homes were just released in early Feb 2017 and they have base prices in the mid $400k’s to low $500k’s.   They have 4 two story plans and one ranch style plan.  One of their two story plans, the Alexander Pop Top, has a main floor master set up if that is something you’re seeking.

The square footage on these homes ranges from roughly 1,400 to  just over 2,000 sf, not including the optional finished basements. They will likely have 2-3 bedrooms depending on the plan with more bedrooms available if you expand out over the garage or finish the basement.

These homes will be built in Beeler Park and a very similar version, called the “Expressions II” series, will be built in Bluff Lake.  These homes will face streets, not courtyards, like the Portrait homes above.

“Edge 3.0” Row Home Series:

Wonderland’s Edge 3.0 series is their modern style row home series.  They’ve built previous versions of them around the neighborhood and although you can’t see the new floor plans yet you can see pictures of their previous versions on our Wonderland Pinterest Board.  Starting in the high $300k’s or low $400k’s these are likely to be a very popular option for buyers.

These  homes will be built in the Beeler Park neighborhood only.

I’ll provide more information on this series as it’s released.

“Terrace Homes” Row Home Series:

Wonderland is closing out the last few “spec” homes they built in the Terrace Homes collection.  The Terrace Homes are row homes with a traditional exterior style clad with stucco and brick.  There were 4 floor plans in the series, ranging in sf from 1,600 -2,200 sf, not including the optional finished basements.

At this point they are down to just 2 homes left, both Bedford floor plans, and they are both 100% complete!  They are 3 bed, 3 bath and over 2,900 finished sf on a quiet street next to a huge green space in Stapleton’s Willow Park East neighborhood.  They are priced in the $570k – $580k range and the builder is accepting offers.

Here is more information on the two completed “Bedford” spec homes.

“Prospect” Town Home Series:

Wonderland will be building a new town home series in Bluff Lake in the near future.  The town homes will come in 2 ranch/one story floor plans and two 2 story floor plans.  They’ll have 1,350 – 1,600 sf, not including the optional finished basements.

There isn’t too much other information out about these yet but they should start around the mid $300k’s and end in the upper $300k’s or low $400k’s.  (preliminary guess only here)  They should start releasing these lots around February 2017.

“47th Ave Row Homes” Series:

Another coming soon series that Wonderland will be building in Stapleton is the “47th Ave Row Homes”, which will be located near the Runway Pool just to the East of the Northfield shopping center.

There isn’t a lot of information available on these plans yet but it sounds like they will be modern in style and have roughly 1,500 – 1,800 finished sf.  They will have 3 floors plus private decks that come standard (sweet!) and tons of natural light.  More on these to come as soon as it’s available.  To stay current be sure to sign up for the Stapleton Scoop.

For more information about Wonderland Homes, or homes by any other builder in Stapleton please give me a call or send me an email.  I love helping buyers find the right home that fits their needs and since I’m not affiliated with any one builder I can show buyers all the options, including resale homes!  If Wonderland Homes isn’t the right fit for you here is where you can get updates on all the Stapleton Builders!

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