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June 20, 2019

Urban Air is open! The Scoop on pricing, attractions, toddler area, birthday parties, Wi-Fi and more

From trampolines to ropes courses to climbing walls, Urban Air is the perfect indoor playground for children of all ages

Urban Air Adventure Park – the ultimate indoor trampoline and adventure park – opened last Saturday (June 15th) and has already made a big splash in the greater Stapleton community.  Located a few blocks east of the new Starbucks on 40th Avenue, just south of I-70, the Stapleton Scoop was in line for Urban Air’s grand opening, and since then we’ve been back (and jumping!) so we can give you all the ins and outs of the indoor park!


First off, let’s talk pricing.  As you can see from Urban Air’s pricing board inside the main entrance, Urban Air’s pricing is tiered based on the attractions you and your children would like to play on. At the grand opening, my boys and I purchased an Ultimate Pass – and needless to say, they had a great time exploring the entire park.

Urban Air’s Pricing

On our second visit, we purchased Basic passes. The Basic passes permit you to use the trampolines, which are wonderful, but of course my older son wanted to try all the other amazing attractions. But between the trampolines and trampoline-filled Dodgeball arena, he had a great time bouncing the afternoon away.

Also, there is no charge for parent spectators, but there is a charge if you want to participate with your children.  If you do participate, you and your child will need special Urban Air grippy socks, which are available at the front desk for $2.50 a pair.  You can re-use the socks for future visits if you’d like.`

So that’s the single day pricing for Urban Air.  However, there are monthly/long-term memberships that might make sense if you intend to visit Urban Air often.  If you’d like more information about monthly memberships, keep reading!

Height Requirements

Height Reequirements

Urban Air has different height requirements for different attractions.  My youngest son is only 2 years old, and he had a great time on the trampolines – including playing in “The Bowl,” which is reserved for smaller children (a huge plus!).

Also, if you look at the picture of the pricing board, you’ll see this note: “5 and Under Access level is dependent on the children’s attraction eligibility. If under 41”, receive a Deluxe access. If over 41”, receive Ultimate access.” So if you have a taller young child, he or she might be able to enjoy more of the park.


Ropes Course at Urban Air

After two visits, I asked my 6-year-old son for his unofficial ranking of his top 3 favorite attractions. Here’s what he said:

Dodgeball Arena – Trampolines + dodgeball = a great afternoon of fun for Jamie. I also liked how Urban Air has an employee stationed at the entrance of the Dodgeball Arena to make sure all the kids – little and big – have a great, safe time.

Ropes Course – Jamie had his first ever ropes course adventure during Urban Air’s grand opening. He was captivated. He slowly inched around the course and was beaming when he finished. What a wonderful way for a young kid to push his or her boundaries.

Tubes Playground – Located in the center of the facility, my boys especially loved the Tubes’ slides – fast and fun. The Tubes are great for exploring and waving to Mom and Dad from 30 feet up in the air. There’s also a maximum height for the Tubes Playground, so you don’t have to worry about bigger kids, or for that matter Moms or Dads, getting in the way of all the fun.

Other great attractions include the Sky Rider, Climbing Walls, Pro Zone, Warrior Course, and more!

Food, Wine & Beer

From chicken wings to pizza to funnel cake fries, Urban Air has all the classic kids food items. Here’s a picture of the menu board:

Urban Air’s Menu

As for you parents out there, good news – Urban Air will soon be serving locally-sourced beer and wine. Urban Air is expecting to start serving beer and wine in the next few weeks once liquor license details are finalized, which should make those Friday and Saturday trips to Urban Air even more appealing for parents!

Birthday Parties

Parties at Urban Air are perfect for kids of any age, which is why Urban Air is voted one of the best places for kids’ birthday parties year after year. When you walk into the facility, you’ll notice that much of the north wall and part of the east wall have dedicated, glass-enclosed party rooms – I counted 8 total party rooms. The party rooms are big, easy to find, and interestingly have removable walls. So Urban Air can accommodate a small birthday party with a handful of friends, or Urban Air can remove a few walls and you bring 50 of your child’s best friends.

Here are more details about birthday party packages:

Birthday Party Details



Yes, Urban Air has Wi-Fi as well as ample spectator seating. My husband hung out at Urban Air last Monday and did some work on his laptop without interruption, so it’s possible to sit down with a laptop and dash off e-mails if you need to. Huge plus!

Monthly Memberships

If you think you might be visiting Urban Air often, here’s a quick peek at their monthly pricing packages:

Monthly Memberships

Welcome to Stapleton, Urban Air! Urban Air’s address is 9550 East 40th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80238.

4 Responses

  1. I love urban air so much and i cannot stop going like every week!

    1. Aveonia

      Are your birthday parties one prise for as many people as you want? Or how does that work?

  2. I love urban air so much that i cannot stop going like every week!

    1. And today we’re going because my mom’s little sister’s b’day is today but my grandpa is gonna do a pinata for her!💖😁

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