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October 2, 2015

Thrive Home Builders Stapleton Inventory Update!

Interested in building a New Town Builders home in Stapleton? There are some homes available right now and more to come in the near future. Here is the Scoop!

Before I get into the post I should start by saying that New Town Builders just changed its name to Thrive Home Builders so from here on out I’ll refer to them by “Thrive”. (Or I’ll try…I still call Etai’s Udi’s so no promises…)

Thrive Home Builders is currently building 3 home series and soon to be a fourth! They are building their “ZEN” single family home collection, their “Solaris II” single family home collection, their “Conservatory Green Rows” collection which are town homes and they’ll soon add a new affordable town home product known as “Elements”. Below is the update on inventory for each of these various product lines in Stapleton.

Before I outline the inventory I want to note that the ZEN collection is good for buyers in the upper $500k’s, the Solaris II collection is good for buyers in the very high $400k’s to upper $500k’s and the rows work for buyers in the mid $300k’s to low $400k’s. I’m not sure what the pricing will be on their new affordable product yet. I wanted to state that first so you can zone in on the product type that fits your budget.

The purpose of this post will be to update you on the available and upcoming inventory for each of the homes series being offered by Thrive in Stapleton. Once you review it if you think you’d be interested in building a Thrive home I’d love to have the chance to help you as your buyer’s agent. The builder pays my commission and you pay the same price whether you have an agent or no so why not have someone who has gone through it many times before on your side?

This post won’t go into great detail about the homes but if you need some background info here is a previous post that will help. You can also check out our Thrive board on Pinterest to see some pictures and floor plans!

Inventory Information:

Thrive “ZEN” Collection:

Thrive has 5 ZEN home sites left in Willow Park East. Most of these homes are already started so they’re in various phases of construction. There are two AritZEN homes left and 3 CrimZEN homes left. Most of the them are on quieter streets (I’d avoid Uinta St but that’s just me) and you can still pick the finishes on some of these homes.  Here is a map of the ZEN lots and some info on these available homes.

In addition to those 5 lots Thrive will have 17 ZEN home sites in Wicker Park, the newest Stapleton neighborhood. Since Wicker Park is new I want to help explain where it is so attached is an overall Stapleton map. You can find the Wicker Park neighborhood at the northeast intersection of Central Park Blvd and Prairie Meadows Drive. Here is a zoomed in map showing the Wicker Park area with the Thrive lots circled for your easy reference. All of the ZEN lots in the Wicker Park area will be the HoriZEN or the ArtiZEN floor plan, they will not be building the CrimZEN plan.

If you are looking for a quicker move in I’d stay on the lots that are available in Willow Park East, the ones in Wicker Park could be quite a bit later if there are development or construction delays in the area.

Thrive “Solaris II” Collection:

The Solaris II collection is all but sold out in Willow Park East. There are 2 Belcaro floor plan (not familiar…here is the floor plan) homes left available in the whole area. One is a dirt start and the other is available in late 2015. It’s located at 5487 Uinta Way which is a quiet street. It has a finished basement so there is a little over 3,000 finished sq ft and the asking price is $565k. I am surprised this Belcaro is still available and imagine it will be gone soon. If you’re looking for a brand new Thrive home you can move into quick this is the one I would go with personally.

After these few Willow Park East lots your next Solaris II options will be in Wicker Park. This map of the Wicker Park area will show you where these Solaris lots are located. There are 14 Solaris lots and of those 4 are available for to be purchased now. (2 Hale plans, 1 Belcaro and 1 Merrill) There are none of the popular “Speer” plans available now but there should be some more in the very near future. The lots face a green space to the East of Wicker Park which should be nice. I say “should” because the green space is undefined at this point, it could be natural grasses, it could have ball fields that extend down from the high school, etc. Forest City is not sure so it’s a bit of an unknown. From some of the lots you see some commercial buildings across the green space to the East which will be a negative for some buyers. I prefer the lots that face more to the North than to the East (which is where the commercial property is located).

Thrive “Conservatory Green Rows” Collection:

If you’re looking in the mid $300k’s to low $400k’s the Rows collection could be a good fit. (Here is a link to their site where you can check out the plans) The good news is there is a lot of inventory now and in the near future for this product.

There are 5 available Rows in Conservatory Green, plenty of Rows coming soon in Willow Park East and then they will likely have this product available in the Bluff Lake (Aurora) section of Stapleton which should start in 2016. (here is an article about that section)

Depending on which Row you go with you could get one completed as early as Feb 2016.

Thrive “Elements” Affordable Collection:

Thrive is coming out with a new affordable home product that will start up soon in Willow Park East and Wicker Park. It lines both sides of Central Park Blvd between those two areas.  The homes in Willow Park East should start in the near future but it will be a while before they start building the ones in Wicker Park.  There isn’t much info available at this point on this product but check out this article to learn a bit about what to expect.

So that is the update on what Thrive Home Builders has available in Stapleton. Again, if you are thinking about buying I’d love to help as your buyer’s agent. Whether you buy new or resale be sure to check out all the options so you make the best decision possible for you and your family.

Joe Phillips | Synergy Real Estate Team | (720) 299-1730 | joe@synergyret.com


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    Do you happen to have any photos from the interior model Wonderland Montclair build from 2008-2009?
    We need decorating assistance 🙂

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      Joe Phillips

      sorry I don’t!

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