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July 13, 2018

This Week in Stapleton Real Estate

It’s Friday…time to take a few minutes and check out what’s happening in the Stapleton real estate market via our weekly update.  There are 13 new listings to peruse (13 new listings on Friday the 13th…) plus we just wrapped up two blog posts on Infinity and Thrive Home Builders that we want to share with you.  In these posts we’ll get you up to speed on what these two popular builders have available in Beeler Park and Stapleton’s last neighborhood, “North End”.  So let’s dive in!

13 New Stapleton Listings This Week

Stapleton had 13 new listings this week, ranging from several in the $200k’s all the way up to the $1.1M range.

Inviting backyard at 3528 Xanthia St.

3528 Xanthia St, listed by Kimberly Austin, was the new listing that caught my eye.  It’s a 4 bedroom David Weekley Home in Central Park North with an open layout, lots of natural light & a really well done backyard.  I could see that one getting some attention from buyers quickly.



Open Main Level of 2347 Akron Ct.

Another interesting new listing is 2347 Akron Ct, marketed by Wayne Keith.  This home will check the boxes for a lot of buyers.  South side location walkable to Stanley Marketplace & lots of schools – check.  Open layout main level – check.  Nice outdoor space for lounging & watching the kids play – check.  Finished basement adding a 4th (and 5th!) bedroom – check!



None of these 13 new listings your perfect fit?  Well this is a good time to jump into the blog posts we mentioned earlier that outline all the latest inventory info from Infinity Home Collection and Thrive Home Builders.  Check out these two posts for details on lots, pricing & more from each builder.  We’d love to help you build your dream home and don’t forgot…we can sell your current home at a discounted price to help you save money you can invest in your new home.

“UP-Coming Thrive Home Builders Lot Release in North End”

“Infinity’s Last Few Homes Available in Beeler Park”

8 Under Contract Stapleton Homes This Week

Just like last week, 8 Stapleton homes went under contract in the week.  Typically throughout spring we saw roughly the same number of homes going under contract each week as we would see new listings, so inventory would stay flat.  Right now we’re seeing more homes hit the market than homes that go under contract each week so inventory is ticking up a bit.  That is normal in July.  We expect July and August to be a little slower then once school gets rolling we usually see an uptick in buyer activity.  We’re seeing this seasonal slowdown confirmed in the “days on market” stats, which show how long homes are on the market before they go under contract.  The 8 homes that went under contract this week were on the market an average of 19 days, which is longer than it took in the spring.  So well priced homes that show great will still sell pretty quickly but if you’re over-priced or you don’t put in the work to have the home looking good you better plan to be on the market for a little while this time of year.

9 Sold Stapleton Homes This Week

9 Stapleton homes closed in the last 7 days and you can see them all in the link above.

All Stapleton Resale Homes This Week

Stapleton has a total of 44 resale listings available right now.  If you need more info on any of them or have questions we’re here and happy to help.

Have a great prime time summer weekend and as always, if you’re looking for a Stapleton-based agent (and neighbor) to help you find your perfect home – Mariel, Amy and I at Focus Real Estate are here to help! My contact info is below and I would love to hear from you!

Disclaimer:  Our Friday real estate updates are meant to be a “roundup” type post where we discuss all listings in Stapleton, not just our own.  It’s our way of making sure we follow the market closely and we share it with the Scoop readers because we know many of you like to track real estate in the area as well.  Many of the listings in these posts are not our company’s listings and we wanted to mention that here to make sure it’s clear. Thanks for reading the Scoop!

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