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January 24, 2020

This Week in Stapleton Real Estate 1.24.20

As we are coming into the “selling season,” one question that I frequently come across is what can I do to prep my house for sale?  There are millions of cosmetic updates that can be made; however, I’d like to dig a little deeper into home maintenance.

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I had the opportunity to talk to Scott Hayzlett of Vango Home Inspections.  Scott has inspected hundreds of Stapleton homes so I figured he would be the best person to ask what is the most common issue he sees in home inspections in this neighborhood.

“The first thing that comes to mind is that most homes in the Stapleton area have high-efficiency furnaces, which we also refer to as ‘condensing’ furnaces. You can tell if you have a high-efficiency furnace by looking at the flue pipes that come off the furnace. If they are white PVC plastic, then the unit is high-efficiency, if it has a metal pipe, then it’s not. From a maintenance standpoint this is important because ‘condensing’ furnaces create a lot of… yep, condensate in the exhaust gases. This condensate is meant to flow back into the unit and be handled by the drain system in the unit. One of the common things that can occur is either a break or clog in the condensate drain system, which then causes a leak in the furnace cabinet! This condensate is highly acidic and will quickly cause rust in the furnace cabinet, or damage to motors, fans, or circuit boards onto which it leaks. Condensate leaks in furnaces are something we see all the time on inspections, even on systems that are only a couple years old. Having your furnace serviced on an annual basis can help catch these type of issues early. This typically costs around $150 and is something that HVAC companies advertise for furnaces in the Fall, and for your AC system in the Spring.”

The furnace is just one component of your home that should be regularly maintained. Another component is the refrigerator.  Click HERE for a guide to maintaining your refrigerator.

Now, onto the weekly Stapleton real estate update!

New Stapleton Listings

Stapleton saw seven new listings this week.  One of these listings is brand new to the market today! 2911 Fulton Street is located in the heart of Eastbridge.  A two-block walk to Eastbridge Town Center, F-15 Pool and a five-minute drive to Stanley, you will never miss any of the action in Stapleton.  Featuring four bedrooms, three bathrooms and boasting an impressive 2900 square feet, this home has space for everyone.  $650,000.  Come say hi at our open house this Saturday, January 25 from 12-4.   Check out our Facebook Live tour of the home HERE.

Fulton’s Beautiful Backyard Oasis

Currently there is a total of 27 homes available in Stapleton.  These homes range in price from $1.2 million down to $188,000.  What’s nice to see with the inventory of homes this week is there is a good balance of home prices.  There are 8 homes available in the $500k range.

Under Contract Stapleton Listings

There were 8 homes that went under contract this week.  Of those 8, 6 went under contract in under a week!  This is proof the market is still very strong and depending on the home, the offers can become competitive.  Curious about how the homebuying process works?  Check out our guide, “9 Keys to Buying a Home.”  Or, are you planning on listing your home for sale in the near future?  Amy goes over four incredible staging tips that will help your home stand out to buyers.

Sold Stapleton Listings

There were 8 homes that sold this week.

All Active Stapleton Listings

Currently there are 27 homes available in Stapleton.  These homes range in price from $1.2 million down to $188,000.  What’s nice to see with the inventory of homes this week is there is a good balance of home prices.  There are 8 homes available in the $500k range.

5115 Quitman Street

If you’re out and about this weekend, come say hi at Amy Atkinson’s open house! This home is a true beauty in the Regis neighborhood.  5115 Quitman Street features five bedrooms and is within walking distance of the vibrant Tennyson area.  Open both Saturday and Sunday from 2-4.

If you, or anyone you know, are looking to buy or sell a home here in Stapleton, text/call me at (720) 799-6376 or send me an e-mail at ashley@focus-realtors.com.  I would love to grab a cup of coffee with you and get to know how I can help you in your real estate needs.

Disclaimer: Our Friday real estate updates are meant to be a “roundup” type post where we discuss all listings in Stapleton, not just our own.  It’s our way of making sure we follow the market closely and we share it with the Scoop readers because we know many of you like to track real estate in the area as well.  Many of the listings in these posts are not our company’s listings and we wanted to mention that here to make sure it’s clear. Thanks for reading the Scoop!

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