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December 10, 2018

News & Notes from North End 12.10.18

The 1st homes in North End

Here are the latest updates to share with you about North End that we’ve learned through our adventures helping other current clients build in the area.  We’ve got details to give you on available lots, several “spec” homes that are available for quick move in and details on some 3 story homes in the $500k’s that we suspect will have PRIME mountain views.

We’re really excited to currently be helping buyers build their ideal homes in North End with Parkwood, KB Home, Wonderland, and Thrive & we’d love to help you too regardless of which of the 8 builders fits you best.  Remember, the new build process takes time so if you want to be moving into your new home around late summer to winter of 2019 now is the time to start taking action.

Let’s get to the updates…

Wonderland Homes: ($400k’s – $600k’s)

Wonderland Homes has lots! They have available lots in each of their 4 home series including Freedom town homes, Prospect town homes, Prominence, and Portrait.  If you select your lot early enough you’ll have a good selection of floor plans and you can make the structural selections for the home (fireplace, finished basement, etc). If you wait the builder will preselect these items and you’ll be limited to what they picked.  One exciting town home they have available is the Ashcroft plan.  This particular home sits on a corner lot that’s 6,500 sf!  You can see it on this map with the red arrow pointing to it.  That’s a huge lot for a town home.  They also have this Freedom town home available which is their last quick move in home available in Beeler Park.  Want a Wonderland but don’t want to wait through the construction period?  They have a spec home in Beeler Park you should know about.  It’s a ranch style home, the “Alexander” floor plan, and it’s all in price is $523k.  (tough to find a ranch plan at that price in Stapleton)  It’s at the insulation phase now so it will be ready for move in by real early 2019.  This is the last spec single family home they have in Beeler Park. Here are details on this one.

KB Home: ($400k’s – $900k’s)

KB Homes Paired Home Collection

KB continues to rock and roll in North End with strong sales.  They’ve really done well on their Starlight series, Wildflower collection and paired home collection.  In their Wildflower collection, which features single family homes facing shared courtyards which end up in the $500k’s – $600k’s, they’re currently offering $0 lot premiums on their homes and $5k towards closing costs if you use their lender.  They’ve been more aggressive than most builders in terms of offering incentives. In addition to their lots they also have 3 quick move in homes in their paired homes series, all priced below $500k all in.   Want more info on these quick move ins?  Let us know and we’ll email you the details.

Parkwood Homes: ($600k’s – $1.0M+)

We’ve been saying it for months now but Parkwood has been selling extremely well.  They are down to just 2 single family Shenandoah lots, 1 Painted Ladies  available lot and 4 Beacon Hill town home available lots.  You can see these lot locations on this handy map.  They will have more lots to release soon in the two town home series but in terms of single family lots if you don’t buy one of these last 2 lots I estimate they won’t have any more to release until mid/late 2019 which means you’re moving in around mid/late 2020!  (Parkwoods take a year to complete because they’re semi-custom)  So if you’re been dreaming about an Asheville plan (psst…did you know they opened their new Asheville model at 5965 N Chester Way!) it’s time to get it on your Christmas list now!  The Painted Ladies lot they have available is south facing and overlooks a huge open green space & Stapleton’s largest pool!  (This poster helps you visualize what these will look like, front and back)

Want a Parkwood but wish it was in Conservatory Green and you didn’t have to wait for it to be built?  Mariel Ross from our team just listed the former Parkwood “Belmont” model for sale.  Tons of upgrades, mountain views, it’s never been lived in and you get the builder warranty which you don’t get on resale homes!  Watch the 360 tour here or check out the listing details and more photos here.  Let us know if you’d like to set a showing.

Thrive Home Builders: ($400k’s – $1.0M+)

Thrive has lots available in all its home series right now including Panacea, ZEN 2.0, Vita and the North End Rows.  Here is a breakdown of what’s available in each:

Panacea:  4 homes left which are all in Beeler Park.  They have 3 “Retreat” plans and just 1 “Sanctuary” plan left. All are dirt starts, which means you could make most if not all the selection choices.

Zen 2.0: There are 3 “spec” (meaning under construction already) EDG plans in Beeler Park.  Check out the specs on these 3 plans here.  If you’re looking for something in the low $700k’s that’s ready for move in January to March 2019 timeframe one of these could be a great fit.  When you compare these brand new homes with warranties and near $0 energy bills to what you get in the resale market for that same price they make a lot of sense.  Like the ZEN 2.0 series but don’t want one of these spec homes?  They have dirt lots In North End where you could pick your own finishes.  They have 2 “PWR” floor plans, 2 “EDG” floor plans and one “AMP” floor plan left. You can see all those plans here.

Vita: In the popular Vita series they have two Plan 1’s left in Beeler Park.  They’ve reduced the price on these two to the low $600k’s (they want to wrap up Beeler Park and focus on North End) and I think they represent a good value at this point.  You can check out the specs on these homes here if you scroll down to “Homes Available Now”.  In addition to these specs they also have dirt lots available in North End where you could build most of their 5 floor plans.

Inspire Elementary

North End Rows:  In this 3 story town home series they have the following plans currently available:

3 Skylines

2 Curtis

1 Highland

You can check out all 3 floor plans here.

David Weekley Homes: ($500k’s – $600k’s)

David Weekley is fully rolling in North End at this point, with homes available in their Cottages series, their paired home series and very soon they’ll have some really special lots available in their “Rows” series.

Here is a map showing you the lot locations for David Weekley within North End, which I’ll tell you more about below.

These homes will start to be completed in Summer 2019, they have a $4k lender incentive if you use their lender and buyers can still customize their homes by picking structural and design center options.

They currently have 3 single family home “Cottages” opportunities available (with no lot premiums and no secondary HOA fees!)  You can see the floor plans here.

9972 E. 59th Drive – Salida floor plan

10000 E. 59th Drive – Graham Peak floor plan

10050 E. 59th Drive – Summit Peak floor plan

They also have 7 paired home opportunities available including several “La Plata” floor plans and at least one “West Elk” plan.  Check out those plans here.

Lastly, they are about to release 7 row homes on AMAZING lots.  These are the lots that are yellow on this map.  They’re west facing and on a huge green space so you’re very likely to end up with mountain and downtown views.  (no agent or builder can guaranty these views but we’d be happy to show you what we think it’s likely).  These row homes are a really rare opportunity to have amazing views and a prime location all in the $500k’s.  (Typically the million dollar homes get these types of locations)  Open floor plans, 3 bedrooms, home office, tall ceilings…lots to love!  I want one, can you tell?  You can see the row home plans here.  (pricing on these particular lots coming soon, it won’t exactly match the pricing in the link I just gave you)

Lennar: ($700k’s)

Lennar is the last builder to join the party in North End.  They haven’t quite released their “Next Gen” homes yet (these are the single family homes that also have a mother in law unit attached.  Rental?  Home office?  Teenager hang out?  Spot for actual mother in law?  Lots of options) but they will soon.  Below are the names of the plans they have coming up soon, all of which are west facing on a large green space.  (Again…mountain views very likely!)  More to come on these in future updates but if you’re interested please reach out now and we’ll get you on the long wait list.  Sooner the better because there is pent up demand for this series that hasn’t been available in a long time.  There is no good online info to link to right now but watch for more details in our next update. My ballpark price will be in the $700k’s.

Home site 0122 = Legacy (a corner home site)

Home site 0123 = Independence

Home site 0124 = Revelation

Home site 0125 = Independence

Home site 0126 = Legacy (a corner home site)

Whew…that’s it for this update.  If you made it this far you must be interested in building a new home or have some free time on your hands.  Stapleton is what we do so if we can be of service please let us know.  We love to help buyers through the new build process and sell their current home at discounted commissions (which they can then invest into their new home!)  If you’re interested let’s chat, we’re here to help.

If you know anyone that may find value in these updates please share this with them and they can sign up at HomesinNorthEnd.com to get our updates going forward.

Enjoy the holidays.  Our next update will likely come your way in 2019!

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