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March 4, 2019

The Inside Scoop on the New Hygge Birth and Baby Center

Here at the Stapleton Scoop we’re so happy to welcome our new friends at Hygge Birth and Baby, a new birth center, to the neighborhood!  Hygge [pronounced HOO-gah] is a new (and rather fantastic!) option for soon-to-be moms.  Located just 10 minutes south of Stapleton in Lowry, Hygge offers full prenatal and postpartum care supported by midwives, doulas and other soon-to-be moms – even including chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage (coming soon), and more.  And even better, Hygge offers almost every service a soon-to-be mom could want, all under one roof!

Be sure to check out the amazing birthing suites in our walk-through video tour of Hygge.  Hygge features four uniquely beautiful, spacious birthing suites, each with a large birthing tub, private bath and queen-sized bed.  Cozy linens, dimmable ambient light and temperature control in each suite add to the spa-like feel and comfort of the Hygge birthing suites.

The birthing suites are simply amazing!  You can peek into the “Earth” birthing suite at 7:00 in the video.  Also be sure to check out the “Fire” birthing suite at 7:25 and the “Water” birthing suite at 7:40 (I love the blue in the “Water” suite!).  And of course, there’s the “Air” suite (7:45).  Like I mentioned in the video, the birthing suites feel more like a high-end hotel experience.  This not your typical hospital birthing wing!

Hygge also has a cozy family area complete with kitchen, living/dining area and fireplace. There’s also a wonderful play area for children.  You and your family can use the family area whenever you’re at the center and especially while you’re in labor and recovering from your birth at the center.

But Hygge is more than just a birthing center.  Hygge is a community for soon-to-be and new moms.  For example, let’s talk about Hygge’s Mother’s Milk Bank Baby Café. Open every Tuesday from 1-3 PM, Baby Café is a safe and cozy place where new and expecting parents can gather to support one another on their breastfeeding journeys while receiving free guidance and tips from an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Moms and dads can relax with refreshments; share experiences, tips and techniques; and socialize with others in a child-friendly, comfortable space. Hygge is also a breast milk donation drop off and pick-up location for Mother’s Milk Bank, to boot!

Further solidifying that community feel, Hygge has a large classroom where you’ll find events, support groups and classes relevant to you and your expanding family. These offerings start with a free first trimester class and continue with a series of classes meant to carry families through early parenthood.  Hygge also carries products recommended by your care team that you’ll need during your pregnancy, and for baby after the birth.

As a pregnant woman and mother of two other children, I’ve had wonderful birthing experiences, but one challenge I’ve had is the sheer number of different pregnancy-related service providers who provide different services at different locations.  Sometimes I feel like I’m driving all over Denver just to get from one appointment to the next!

One of the great aspects of Hygge is how it brings together both holistic care and midwifery services, as well as almost every other service a pregnant mother could ask for all under one roof.  As just one example of Hygge’s “under one roof” model, Hygge’s care team shares one client chart so things that your acupuncturist works on are seen and shared with your midwife.  Your entire team will all be on the same page so that you don’t have to tell your story or explain your needs over and over again.  And the team that you work with at the center will also be the team by your side when the time comes to deliver.  No need to worry about who will be on call – you’ll have the people by your side who you want to be there! For instance, you can have Hygge’s chiropractor on call during your birth to help with positioning — the Hygge team says this has worked wonders for helping moms get through the final stages of labor.

I had a great time visiting Hygge – the closest birthing center to Stapleton – and I can’t wait to hear about all the great experiences Stapleton and Denver moms have delivering their little munchkins at Hygge.  Welcome to the community, Hygge!

For more information about Hygge Birth and Baby Center, check out their website at www.hyggebirthandbabydenver.com or give them a call at 720-464-7599.

Hygge would like to recognize the local artists featured in their space:

  • Tony Eitzel Photography – denverpanoramic.com, (donated pictures in living room)
  • Jessi James Design – www.mayinitiate.com or @jessijamesdesign (Interior Decorator)
  • Jessica Lambert – @lam_loba (Hygge Family Tree)
  • Jovan Nixon – @craft_mobile (Moss Boxes)
  • Harrison Nealey – Industrial-arts.co (Metal and Wood fabricated front desk)

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