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December 12, 2012

New Town Builders: Stapleton Market Update

New Town has single family homes from their Solaris collection available in 3 Stapleton neighborhoods; the Bluff Lake neighborhood, the Eastbridge neighborhood and soon to be the South End neighborhood.  I’ll touch on each of those 3 below and then discuss Conservatory Park, the next neighborhood in Stapleton to be developed which will be north of I-70.  (Not familiar with Conservatory Green and how it will be different…click here for  a post about it).

As far as Bluff Lake goes New Town released 8 lots a few weeks ago and they have 5 remaining of the 8.  The remaining ones are the Rosedale, Wellshire (zero energy), Westwood (zero energy), Southmoor, Whittier and Wellshire.  They are on 28th Place near the intersection of Joliet St.  Pricing on these has gone up compared to what they sold these homes for in Central Park West, apparently due to cost increases because of the excavation needs of these lots in Bluff Lake.   The homes are priced in the mid $400k’s and it varies by lot, so each home is uniquely priced.  Not familiar with their models?  Click here to check out the floor plans.

In the Eastbridge neighborhood New Town has 8 lots it just released and 7 are still available.  The homes are across 31st Ave from the Knowledge Beginnings daycare.  On the south side the homes are buffered from Martin Luther King by New Town townhomes that will be built in the future.  These lots are slightly less than the ones over in Bluff Lake and there are 3 Wellshire, 2 Whittiers, 1 Westwood and 1 Berkley available.

In the South End neighborhood New Town will have some homes to sell soon but they are not currently available.  They should be a little less expensive than the Bluff Lake neighborhood pricing.


New Town, like the rest of the builders, will be moving on next to Conservatory Green north of I-70.  They will still offer the Wellshire and Westwood models in addition to two new plans.  One new plan, yet to be named, will be 1,837 sf priced at a base price of $379,900 and the other, also yet to be named, will be 2,043 sf and priced at $389,900.  Overall I’m hearing their sf will be down a little and pricing should be down a little which I’m sure will make some buyers happy.  Most of the builders seem to be saying they are going to bigger homes at higher prices but this doesn’t seem to be true with New Town, at least based on what I’m hearing at this point.  New Town will be lowering its design center allowance from around $20k per buyer to $10k per buyer so that is in essence a $10k price increase.

New Town also has attached product that they offer in Stapleton called the “Central Park Rows”.  Right now they have 4 available for July/Aug 2013 delivery located in front of the Knowledge Beginnings Daycare along MLK Blvd.  (This part of MLK is only one way so the traffic there isn’t as bad as other parts.  It’s also across from the future town center if/when that is built).  In that area they currently have 3 Skyline models and 1 Highland model.  To check out the floor plans click here.  These may be a good fit for someone looking to get into the area in a lower price  point or for someone just looking to live a real low maintenance lifestyle.  The units are 3 stories and they start in the high $100k’s to mid $200k’s.

For more information or help buying or selling a home give me a call.  My contact information is below.  I’m an independent real estate broker so I’m not affiliated with any one builder, which allows me to find the buyer the right fit for their situation.

Joe Phillips – Synergy Real Estate Team – (720) 545-9003 – joe@synergyret.com

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