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October 2, 2015

Lennar Stapleton Inventory Update!

Lennar is the newest builder to Stapleton but so far so good! They have released 10 lots and all but 1 are sold! Below is the latest on what Lennar has available for new builds in Stapleton.

The purpose of this post is to update you on the inventory they have available and where they will be building next within the neighborhood. Before I get into it I want to mention that this post won’t go into great detail about the homes but if you want some more background about Lennar, their floor plans, pricing and their Next Gen product they are building in Stapleton you can check out this previous Lennar post.

Lennar is a good fit for buyers looking to be in the very high $500k’s/low $600k’s price range (all in, including everything)

Inventory Information:

Lennar currently has one lot available in Willow Park East. It’s a corner lot right down the street from their model which is located at 5449 Verbena St Denver, CO 80238. The lot is pre-planned for a “Pioneer” floor plan.   (Check out the floor plan and specs)  Because of the lot configuration it has a 2 car garage rather than a 3 car. The upside though is because it’s a corner lot it has a wrap-around porch included! This home will be ready by late Dec 2015/early 2016 and the price is roughly $597k.

Other than that one available lot, Lennar will build next in Wicker Park, Stapleton’s newest neighborhood! Here is an overall map of Stapleton. Wicker Park is the area to the northeast of the intersection of Central Park Blvd and Prairie Meadows Drive just South of the new high school. Once you find it on that larger map you can check out this zoomed in map of Wicker Park where I’ve pointed out the 18 up-coming Lennar lots.  I like that all of their lots are just around the corner from the actual Wicker Park, which is the heart of this neighborhood.

If you like the looks of the Wicker Park lots and what Lennar has to offer your next move is to get on their VIP list. What that means is you let them know you are interested and you get pre-qualified through their lender. You don’t have to use their lender, they just want to know you are qualified before they put you on the list. Details about exactly when the Wicker Park lots will release are not yet known but once you’re on the list you’ll be updated as things progress. (Note, if you want to have a broker on your side throughout the process you should bring them in at the beginning so they can guide you through the process)

If you want more info about this area check out the Wicker Park page on the Stapleton website.

Lennar will not be building in the Bluff Lake (Aurora) section of Stapleton.

Before I wrap up this post about Lennar I want to give them a shout out. I represent a buyer of a Lennar home in Stapleton right now and to accommodate the buyer’s special needs child we made a lot of requests for customization of the home. Lennar, like most Stapleton builders, is not a custom home builder, but they have met with us on multiple occasions and they are going above and beyond to make the home fit the child’s needs. It is really nice to see the build embrace the buyer’s needs and do all they can to help them.

So that is the update on what Lennar has available in Stapleton. Again, if you are thinking about buying in Stapleton I’d love to help as your buyer’s agent. Whether you buy new or resale be sure to check out all the options so you make the best decision possible for you and your family.

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