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March 10, 2017

The Inside Scoop on Pilates Evolution – Eastbridge

Writing to you from an Epson Salt bath the day after my first workout at Pilates Evolution. As you may know, Pilates Evolution Stapleton has just opened their second location in Eastbridge and is owned by Stapleton resident Natalie McLaren. What you may not know is how our new Eastbridge studio is different from other Pilates studios…which leads me to what exactly landed me in this saline spa!

Let’s just say, I didn’t know what I was getting into. I thought – hey – Pilates in Stapleton – time to ease back into a routine (I did a more traditional form of Pilates while pregnant with my boys). What I was in for was best described to me (later) as “Pilates on crack”. Pilates Evolution is based on the Lagree method which is intended to give you a full body workout in minimal time (40 min sessions). Strength building moves bring muscle groups to the point of fatigue, and then quickly transition to the next move to keep your heart rate up. You’ll find intense versions of Pilates moves you may be familiar with, all performed on a pumped up reformer called the Megaformer. 10 minutes into the class, I thought I might topple over and wanted to run away. 15 minutes in, I thought maybe this is the shock to the system my body needs! 30 minutes in…all other thoughts dropped away. I just wanted to make sure I limped over the finish line so I could sign up again and start getting stronger!
The next day I woke up sore all over, but the kind of sore that lets you know your body is changing. If I had known what I was in for, I don’t know if I would have had the guts to pop into that class – and that would have been unfortunate.

Is Pilates Evolution tough for beginners? Yes.

Is it doable? With modifications and strong will, yes!

We all have to start somewhere…

Insider tips:

*First class is free

*$99 for one month of unlimited classes is available for a limited time

*“Newby Package” allows for 2 private sessions and 2 group classes

*Email me if you need a buddy 😉

* Learn more at pilatesevolutionstapleton.com

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