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May 7, 2020

Infinity Releases 14 new “Luxe” Lots in Stapleton’s Last Neighborhood!

Infinity Home Collection just released 14 of their last 24 home sites for their “Luxe” series in Stapleton’s North End neighborhood! This lot release is in the second half of North End, which is the final phase for the entire neighborhood.

In this post you’ll learn:

  • All about these new Luxe home opportunities including details on pricing, timing, lot locations (some of these will have amazing mountain views!), a brand new second floor layout they created to the Luxe 1 plan and the exact next steps to purchase one of these homes now!
  • Initial lot details on the “Vive” and the “Alto” series, Infinity’s other two Stapleton collections.
  • Details on the remaining few “spec” homes that Infinity has available in the first half of North End. (just 2 left!)
  • How to take advantage of our reduced broker commissions at Focus Real Estate so you have more money to put into your Infinity dream home! (we sell Stapleton homes for 1.5% listing commissions now!  Find out more here)

There is a lot to cover, so let’s jump in.  For this first part of the post I’m going to just copy and paste the information provided today from Joe Batal, Infinity’s long time Luxe sales representative.  Then at the end I’ll provide all the additional info on the two spec homes in their Luxe and Vive series.

As you review this post you may need to reference this North End builder lot map. It shows you where all the North End Infinity home lots (and other builder’s lots) are located and it’s color-coded by home series.

Infinity Lot Release for the Second Half of North End:  

“In 2002, Infinity Home Collection broke ground on our very first home in Stapleton; a Parade of Homes classic called the “Avanzarre,” in Stapleton’s “E 29th Ave” neighborhood. That home won nearly every award that year, including local and national home of the year.  For the past 18 years, we have continued that award-winning tradition, setting the bar higher and higher with each new product.  Now, with over 800 homes built in Stapleton, we are ready to embark on Stapleton’s “Final Frontier” in the North End neighborhood.  Infinity Home Collection was very fortunate to receive 103 total lots in this final phase, more than any builder other than the developer (Brookfield).  24 of these 103 lots are for the Luxe series.  This email pertains to our release process regarding Luxe.  If you are interested in our 46 Vive lots or 33 Alto lots, Austin Ellis will have more information in the coming months.  His contact info is austin@infinityhomecollection.com or 303-229-7845.

Because of the locations of these Luxe lots, this is easily the most anticipated release in our history.  With this email going out to over 115 prospective buyers (plus Realtors), demand is far exceeding supply.  Thus, Infinity has developed a specific lot release process as detailed below.  Please carefully read the information contained in this email, including the lot map attachments

The Lots

Infinity has 24 total LUXE lots in Filing 57 (this is the legal description for the second phase/northern half of the “North End” neighborhood).  Of the 24, we are releasing 14 of them first.  The other 10 will come down the line as Brookfield continues developing the land to the east.  The first 14 are divided into two blocks; a block of 5 lots at the far southwest edge of the neighborhood (Block 25), and a block of 9 lots on the extreme western curve (Block 1).

Block 1
9 lots on the western curve, ranging in size from approximately 8,000 sq ft to 10,000 sq ft.  [OK now this is Joe Phillips talking here for a minute.  Few quick things to mention here…First, you can see those 9 lots here.  (Reference the North End lot map at the top of the post to visualize where these 9 lots are located.) All of these lots face West and because they face on to a green space many of the lots on this curve are likely to have amazing mountain views!  No builder or broker can guaranty that, but go do your homework and I think you’ll agree. We’re happy to drive up there and meet you to show you what we’re talking about.  We can’t stand on the actual lots yet but we can get close and you’ll see what we mean.]  Starting prices anticipated to be in the $1.16M to low $1.2M range (depending on the specific lot/plan/exterior combination).  There are no “lot premiums” above and beyond that price range…only builder and design options.  Based on typical option expenditure, most homes will likely finish in the $1.35M to $1.65M range.

Block 25
5 lots on the southwestern corner, ranging in size from approximately 7,000 sq ft to 8,500 sq ft.  Starting prices are anticipated to be in the $1.06M to low $1.1M range (depending on the specific lot/plan/exterior combination). [Quick note:  You can see those 5 lots here]  (Reference the North End lot map at the top of the post to visualize where these 5 lots are located.) There are no “lot premiums” above and beyond that price range…only builder and design options.  Based on typical option expenditure, most homes will likely finish in the $1.25M to $1.5M range

The Homes

By receiving this email, you are likely familiar with our two Luxe floor plans.  To view our floor plans and video tours of the model homes, please visit our website through this link: https://www.infinityhomecollection.com/communities/luxe-stapleton

While there are no changes to the Luxe 2 floor plan, we have a brand new 2nd floor option for the Luxe 1.  With so many of our lots having western exposure from the front, we received a significant number of requests for the master bedroom and loft space to be moved to the front of the house on the Luxe 1.  The original Luxe 1 layout remains the standard; we just now have a 2nd floor option which keeps the main level the same and rearranges the 2nd floor.  With this option, the Luxe 1 square footage increases from 4,001 to 4,275 sqft AND each bedroom in the modified version now has its own bathroom (no Jack & Jill bath in the new option).  The new optional layout is attached to this email, and the price ranges from approximately $45k to $55k depending on the exterior.


Assuming no land development delays, Brookfield is anticipating turning over these 14 lots to us in September.  If that happens, we can begin scheduling construction starts for September.  As a production builder, the sold lot immediately goes into the production que based on the date of contract.  We cannot sell a home now, and then delay it beyond where our current production stands. It is possible we have more contracts being signed than homes we can start in a given month.  Depending on which month you break ground, we’re likely looking at deliveries as early as March and then continuing into Q2 2021.

Release Process

We are prepared to begin taking contracts once a buyer completes the steps of the formal release process.  In order for our main office to accept a contract, you must complete the following:

  1. Schedule an on-site appointment or phone call with me to discuss lots, plans, pricing and options.
  2. Provide Proof of qualification from one of Infinity’s approved lenders
    1. Obtain a pre-qualification letter from Ben Gehde at Home Mortgage Alliance (Conforming loans, for the time being) or Brent Hubbell at FirstBank (Jumbo or Conforming loans).  You are welcome to use whomever you prefer for the actual mortgage, but the pre-qualification must come from either of these two lenders.  While we do not have any financial relationship with them, Infinity trusts when they tell us someone is qualified.

Ben Gehde: bgehde@homemortgagealliance.com 303-859-4070 https://bengehde.mortgagemapp.com/

Brent Hubbell: Brent.Hubbell@efirstbank.com 303-329-5604 https://www.efirstbank.com/products/credit-loan/mortgages.htm


    1. If paying cash, submit a statement of funds covering the anticipated purchase
  1. Submit Earnest Money check in the amount of $50,000 ($60,000 if finishing the basement) and made payable to “Infinity Home Collection”

Upon completion and receipt of these items, contracts may be signed.   There are no lot holds, so lots will be assigned based on the date of contract, and a fully signed contract is the only way to guarantee a particular lot/plan/exterior combination.

We could not be more excited about this final opportunity to help build your dream home in Stapleton, and these particular lots have been anticipated for many years.  If you are ready to take part in this process, please reply to schedule an appointment.  If the timing of this release does not work for you, please know that we will have 10 more fantastic Luxe lots coming in future releases.  Those remaining 10 lots will face north, looking out onto the Wildlife Refuge.  Lastly, please see the COVID-19 attachment for guidelines on visiting our model homes during this current climate.  For at least the near term, our models are open by appointment only, groups are limited to one family at a time, and masks are required.”

Ok, now that we’ve provided that lot release info above from Joe Batal at Infinity lets give you the “spec” home information I promised at the beginning of the post.

Infinity “Spec” Homes in the first half of North End:


In the “Luxe” series in the first half of North End Infinity is down to just one lot left.  It is slated for a Luxe 1A floor plan with their brand new 2nd floor option.  This  new second floor option brings the master bedroom and loft to the front of the house and gives each of the 5 bedrooms their own en-suite bathroom!  So, it’s a 5 bed/5.5 bath standard.  Total above ground square footage is 4,275.

The lot is exactly 10,000 square feet, 100 x 100.

The builder has already selected a very high-end Wolf/Sub-Zero appliance package for the kitchen.

A buyer will have until August 1st to customize all of their other selections (cabinets, electrical/low voltage, custom closets, interior finishes) so there is still time for a buyer to put their own touch on the home.

This home is scheduled to break ground in July 2020 and finish in January 2021.


Farmhouse Vive 1 Spec Home Exterior. (actual colors vary)

In the Vive series Infinity is down to just one remaining spec home in the first half of North End.  The home is a Vive 1 floor plan, all selections have been made on the home and it’s listed for $999,900.  (You can see what selections were made here.) The home has a farmhouse style exterior and the paint scheme is classic all-white with a red farmhouse door.  (Artist rendering to the left shows a different color.)  This home is currently in the pre-drywall phase and will be ready for move in by August 2020 so you can sell your current home and move in by late Summer!  For more info on this one check out this MLS listing or reach out and we’ll show you the home in person.  (socially distanced with a mask of course!)


This series is sold out for now but there are more to come in the second half of North End.  (As described earlier in this post).

Whew…there you have it.  Everything you need to know about Infinity right now in Stapleton!  If you read this far you are seriously considering an Infinity home.  Well we would seriously like to help you make the move and build your dream home!

At Focus Real Estate we’re neighborhood experts with discounted commissions.  We’re independent, meaning we don’t work for any of the builders, we work for our clients! So we can help our clients assess all their new and resale home options.

We’ve been able to act as the Buyer’s Agent for well over 150 Stapleton new build clients and we’d love to help you too. (Did you know you pay the same price for a new build whether you have an agent on your side or not?  That makes it a no brainer already, but then the bonus reason is we can save you money on the sale of your current home.  For those of you with a house to sell first, we’ve lowered our listing fees to 1.5%!  And if you already know the home you want to buy, which is sometimes the case, we’ll sell your current home completely free!  (That’s typically $10k – $25k in savings which you can spend on your new home rather than broker fees!)

For more info on those programs check out this recent blog post titled “3 Ways to Save Stapleton Buyers & Sellers Money”.

If we can be of service in any way please reach out.  My contact info is below and we’d love to help.

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