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October 2, 2015

Infinity Home Collection Stapleton Inventory Update!

Infinity Home Collection has been selling really well in Stapleton. Their sales of both the Vue and the Haus series have gone amazingly fast considering the high end market they serve. In fact, things have gone so well there isn’t that much inventory left!

The purpose of this post is to update you on the inventory they have available and where they will be building next within the neighborhood. Before I get into it I want to mention that this post won’t go into great detail about the homes but if you want some more background about Infinity check out this previous post.  You can also check out our Infinity Board on Pinterest!

The Infinity Vue collection is a good fit for buyers looking for modern homes in the $700k – $850k range and the Haus collection works for buyers in the $850k – $1.1MM range. (Note that these are “all in” prices that include base price + lot premiums + all upgrades)

Inventory Information:

“Vue” Collection:

The Vue collection has sold really well, in fact they have no available lots for Vue in Willow Park East. The Vue collection will be built in Wicker Park, Stapleton’s newest neighborhood, in the near future. Infinity will have 22 Vue lots in Wicker Park. Not sure where Wicker Park is? Here is an overall Stapleton map and you can find Wicker Park at the northeast intersection of Central Park and Prairie Meadow Drive just south of the new high school. Once you have your bearings here is a zoomed in map of Wicker Park where I’ve circled the Vue lots.  I think if I could have my pick of these lots I’d go for the one on the corner of Boston Ct and 51st Drive facing Wicker Park!

If you want more info on this area check out the Wicker Park page on the Stapleton website.

“Haus” Collection:

The Haus collection has sold really well also.   Check out this photo gallery and you’ll see why they have sold so well!

Infinity has two “spec” homes going in this series (a spec home is one that is already started even though it’s not sold) and both of these are Haus 3 plans with the Prairie elevation. (not familiar…click here) These two spec homes would be completed around Feb/Mar 2016. On one of them the selections have already been picked (meaning tile, hardwoods, cabinets, everything) but on the other one you could still make selections if you hurry. I have a map showing the spec homes as well as their future Haus lots, just shoot me an email if you want it.  (don’t have it in PDF format so having a hard time attaching it here)

Other than these two already under construction homes nothing is available in the Haus collection at the moment. They will be releasing more Haus lots starting in December. These lots are all amazing, they are large by Stapleton standards and they all face green spaces. Once these lots in Willow Park East are gone the Haus collection is likely finished in Stapleton. They don’t plan to build these homes in Wicker Park, Aurora or future filings from what I hear.

Infinity will not be building in the Bluff Lake (Aurora) section of Stapleton so after these lots in Willow Park East and Wicker Park their next inventory will be in the future Section 10 which is to the East of Dick’s Sporting Good Park. This will likely start coming online in the end of 2016 or beginning of 2017. (that is what I hear, the timing seems speculative right now)

If you like the looks of what Infinity has to offer your next move is to review all future lots and reserve one. By reserving it and putting down a $1,000 fully refundable check you are getting a first right of refusal on the lot once it’s released. That means you get the first call when it’s available and you can decide then if you want to move forward with it or not.

So that is the update on what Infinity Home Collection has available in Stapleton. Again, if you are thinking about buying I’d love to help as your buyer’s agent. Since I don’t work for any one builder I can help you buy new or resale.  Be sure to check out all the options so you make the best decision possible for you and your family.

Joe Phillips | Synergy Real Estate Team | (720) 299-1730 | joe@synergyret.com

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