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August 2, 2022

How Much Does a Condo, Townhome or Paired Home Cost in Central Park Denver?

With 2022 bringing more change to the ever-evolving housing market and rising interest rates, many buyers are curious how the market is looking and what they can afford if they are ready to jump into home ownership this year. Among the various home options available, condos, townhomes, and paired homes offer the least maintenance and allow owners to lock and leave on the weekends, easily split their times between multiple destinations, or just have more freedom to do the things they enjoy without the upkeep a typical single family home demands.

For those curious minds, below is a guide of what to expect when looking at purchasing a condo, townhome or paired home here in Central Park! While there are certainly outliers, which might be due to location or upgrades within the home, these parameters can help you know what to expect when you are ready to start looking. I’ve included links to recently sold properties as well!

All below numbers are based on Q1 & Q2 closed homes.


Condos can only be found in the Central Park neighborhoods south of I-70. Condos will always have a secondary HOA that can cover a multitude of different items, which might include exterior maintenance, trash, utilities, and additional amenities. They range from one bedroom to three bedrooms and anywhere from 700 sqft to over 2,000 sqft.

1 Bedroom, 700-999sqft, 2022 price range: $335k-$385k


2 Bedroom, 1,000-1,499sqft, 2022 price range: $450k-$550k


3 Bedroom, 1,300+, 2022 price range: $525k-$550k



Townhomes and duplexes can be found throughout all 12 neighborhoods in Central Park. They range from townhomes that have multiple units attached to duplexes that are attached only on one side with private side yards. These homes offer more vertical space and often include a patio, balcony and/or private yard. Some of these properties will have a secondary HOA, depending on location, which might cover exterior maintenance, trash, and/or utilities. They range from two bedrooms to four bedrooms and are anywhere from 1,000 sqft to over 2,000 sqft.

2 Bedroom, 1,000-1,499sqft, 2022 price range: $475k-$575k


3+ Bedroom, 1,500sqft+, 2022 price range: $625k-$800k


4 Bedroom, 2,000sqft+, 2022 price range: $700k-$950k


If a condo, townhome or duplex seem like the right fit for you, I would love to help you navigate the market to find your dream home as easily as possible!  My contact information is listed below, and I am always happy to help! Shoot me an email at rebecca@focus-realtors.com or feel free to call/text me at 303-434-1646.

**Focus sells homes for a 2.0 % listing commission.  Neighborhood experts, flexible commissions**

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