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January 30, 2023

Five Fitness Tips For February

Do you have health-centered goals for 2023? Maybe you had good intentions for January, but you aren’t off to the best start. It’s not too late! We gathered these Five Fitness Tips For February from Sophia Briegleb, owner of Kinesis Pilates at Stanley Marketplace.

Five February Fitness Tips:

  • Sit Less – More important than setting aside a time to exercise is being less sedentary.  Research shows the less you sit, the longer you may live, so move your body more and sneak more movement into your day.  Park farther, take the stairs, meet your friends for a walk rather than a cup of coffee, use a standing desk, and drink so many fluids that you need regular bathroom breaks.  
  • Leave it out – Invest in some simple home equipment and then don’t put it away, leave it out!  Leave it in the middle of your living room and you’ll be more likely to use it next time you’re watching a TV show. Leave it on your kitchen island and you may pick it up and do a little exercise while chatting with a family member. 
  • Some is better than none  – You don’t have to work out for a set chunk of time.  If all you have is five minutes, go for it! Have you ever tried a plank or abdominal series for five minutes straight?  You can always get something out of small bursts of movement (and, this is also a good argument for wearing flexible clothing that allows for more movement).  
  • Prioritize yourself  – Your family, friends, and work are important, but so is your own health, and if you don’t prioritize it, health problems may force you to down the road, so make your health and movement a priority now.  It’s okay to tell other people you can’t because you’ve got an exercise session.  It’s good for you and it also models healthy behaviors and boundaries for others.  
  • Fall in love – Find a movement practice you love.  Rather than jump from trend to trend, find what works for you.  Enjoy nature?  Ski or bike.  Are you social?  Find a barre or dance class you can take with friends.  Enjoy mindful movement?  Try Pilates or yoga.  If you fall in love with movement, it won’t be a chore.

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