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December 20, 2017

Finding and Refurbishing Vintage Furniture

If you are still wondering how to make your home feel more custom and unique, another fantastic way to add one-of-a-kind style is through vintage furniture and accessories. You will definitely be the only home on the block with that 1950s armchair or 1890s dining table, and buying used furniture is also the “greenest” approach: Why buy a new table when there are so many lovely, character-rich ones already out there?

Caveat: You don’t want your home to look like a museum (at least, I don’t). So mixing contemporary pieces with vintage ones is generally my preferred approach. And feel free to mix furniture from different historical periods. Mid-century modern is obviously very popular right now, but mixing in some pieces from other periods helps avoid an overly themed feel.

Finding Vintage Furniture & Accessories

Wondering where to begin with sourcing vintage? Here are a few of my favorite stores around Denver for distinctive vintage (and new) finds.

Mod Livin’: This store on Colfax and Elm is a delight. They sell both vintage and new items (new lines include Blu Dot and Gus Modern.) As you might guess from their name, they focus mostly on mid-century modern/modern style.

Rare Finds: Right off I-70 and Monaco, this unassuming-looking shop opens to a huge treasure-trove of furniture and home accessories. They specialize in rustic, reclaimed, and vintage furniture. Some of their most unique pieces are imported from countries like India, Egypt, and Vietnam.

Watson & Co.: On Broadway’s Antique Row, this store is much more curated and styled than most antique shops. In addition to having a great eye for antique finds, the store owner has his own line of accent furniture and accessories—quirky pillows, metal wall art, interesting light fixtures, and more. From a Victorian French Classical balcony that has been transformed into a table to a side table shaped like the Flatiron Building in NYC, you can find both vintage and new treasures here that will add serious character to your home.

(Modern metal display cases accessorized with antique items – white milk glass, books and binoculars.  Design by Gala Stude Interiors, Inc.)

The Annex: This antique store right next to Watson & Co. is a more traditional (i.e., cozily jumbled) shop, but you can certainly find some great pieces here if you sift through.

Scandinavian Antiques: Another Antique Row treasure that specializes in—you guessed it!—antiques from Scandinavian countries. But don’t think Danish modern: most of the furniture here is more traditional (Gustavian, Biedermeier, etc.) and will provide a classic “antique” element to your home.

Still searching? There are even more shops to explore on Antiques Row—check out the helpful directory on the website.

If you find a piece that has great bones but is showing its age, there are great resources all over town that do expert refurbishing work. So don’t get turned off by a few scuffs and dents! You might even decide that you can live with the imperfections: it’s all part of creating a home with character and patina.

Find out more about Gala’s services on her website, www.galastudeinteriors.com.

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