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December 3, 2018

FairMeadow… Changing the Way You Do Laundry

Sometimes life can get pretty hectic (ok, maybe a lot of the time!). You’re shuffling the kids between school, sports, play dates, etc., all while trying to stay on top of work, groceries, cleaning the house, and that ever-mounting, heaping pile of laundry! Who has time for it all? This is where a new Stapleton business comes into play… FairMeadow Laundry.

We recently tried out FairMeadow and it was great! On time, same day return of our clean laundry and everything was perfect.


How does it work?

FairMeadow laundry service is simple and convenient. They come to your doorstep, pick up your dirty laundry, and promise to return your laundry clean and neatly folded by next day. So far, they have been able to return customers’ laundry the same day! When was the last time you were able to wash, fold and put away all your laundry in one day?!?

How much does it cost?

FairMeadow Laundry is an affordable doorstep laundry service, for as little as $15 a week FairMeadow will wash and fold your clothes so you can have more free time. They are different from other laundry services because they price by bin rather than per pound.  They have three pricing options, including “On-Demand” service if you only need help occasionally.

How do I sign up?

Learn more about FairMeadow, talk to them live, and sign up by visiting their website.


Use coupon code “SCOOP” for 20% off your first month of service!

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