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September 26, 2022

David Weekley has New Build Homes Available in Central Park!

You may have thought that Central Park was finished being built, and builders no longer have homesites available for purchase, but that is not the case! Several builders have inventory and they are motivated to sell – offering incentives and programs to get buyers excited. David Weekley is one of those builders, and you can learn more about what they have available in this video, or keep reading for more details!

David Weekley currently has three single-family homes and one paired home available in the North End neighborhood of Central Park. They also have row homes coming soon!

Check out the available homes here:

Here’s a map of the homesites.

Here a some incentives/programs that David Weekley is currently offering:

  • 2% Lender Incentive – this could be used toward closing costs, to buy down your rate, etc.
  • 4% commission to real estate brokers – I’d be willing to rebate a portion of this to the seller or if you have another home to sell, I’d be willing to sell that home for free. (This is something I’m personally offering to my buyers, this doesn’t necessarily apply to the entire Focus Real Estate team).

Buyers have more leverage than they did a year ago, or even a few months ago! Want to chat more about these options? I’m happy to help! My contact info is below.

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