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September 13, 2016

Coworking Space Near Stapleton & Stanley Marketplace!

Tired of working from home or at Starbucks but don’t want the overhead of an office? Come check out our coworking space right next to Stapleton and the Stanley Marketplace!

We just renovated it & we now have space to expand our membership!  Here are a few pictures so you can check it out and see if the vibe is right for what you need.

Located at 2340 Dayton St Aurora 80010, we couldn’t be more convenient if you live in Stapleton or NW Aurora.

All are welcome. We set up the coworking space to scratch our own itch. We wanted a close, quiet workspace where we could get away and get our work done.  Once we had three kids at home getting work done there really wasn’t an option any more.

Good people, plenty of outlets, tons of work spaces, ample parking, wifi, kitchen, & 24/7 access all for $150 per month with no long term commitment!

Plus in the very near future you can walk one block to all that Stanley Marketplace has to offer.

One of my favorite things about the place is it gives me a chance to interact with other local people.  I worked from home for several years and although I loved the commute I missed the social aspect of going into an office.

As you can see from the photos, we’re a work in “Progress”. It’s not the swanky office you’ll want to meet your clients at, it’s the funky place you’ll enjoy getting your work done and hanging out with some good local people.

I also want to mention that not only is this a place of work, we want it to be a community gathering place for both NW Aurora and Stapleton.  So if you have a group that needs a space to meet let’s chat.  We’re open to having meetings here in the evenings and we want to support good local causes, especially non-profit and community minded groups, by offering free meeting space.

Not really sure what coworking is?  It just means we all share a common office space even though we’re all from unrelated companies and industries.  In the office we currently have a real estate broker, a few software guys, an advertising professional, a videographer, a mortgage broker, a real estate development team & a marketing guy.  It’s a broad mix, which is what keeps it interesting!

Interested in trying it out? We’d love to have you.  Come try it out for a few weeks free and see if it works for you. Please call Joe Phillips at (720) 299-1730 to come check it out.

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