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January 21, 2016

It’s a New Year, Time for Some Changes Around the House?

It’s a new year, the holiday decorations are stored so now’s the time to look at your home with an interior designer’s eye.  With the change of the calendar you may have a desire to refresh and renew.  Here’s a few of my favorite simple and inexpensive tips to recreate your interiors.

  • Perhaps you rearranged furniture to fit in a Christmas tree. If that was the case, use a fresh set of eyes to see the new possibilities of placement. Often just moving a few pieces to new locations will open up the space and look as if everything is new.
  • With rearrangement in mind, consider not returning all of the accessories you may have had displayed prior to the snowman on the entry table. Instead, replace it with meaningful, sentimental items from your family, travels or trips to a unique shop. A thoughtfully curated collection of items that mean something always look better and will make you and your family smile when you see it.
  • Add color! Consider painting a room or several in your home. Powder rooms, dining rooms and offices are great spaces to accent with a statement wall color and won’t cost the investment of a full house repaint.  Splashes of new color can also easily be incorporated by adding new pillows and throws without spending a fortune. These additions will add character to the space and make old furniture look refreshed.  They also are easy to change out throughout the year and transform the vibe of any space.
  • Speaking of pillows — a caution. Those that have cotton stuffing instead of a down insert don’t ever look as good. They begin to look tired much sooner so I’d suggest staying away from those unless they are strictly for show and no one sits near them.
  • Finally, whatever you do, be sure to do something that you love! Don’t just follow a trend because it’s in all the magazines or on Pinterest. Pick colors, accessories, art that you love or that are meaningful to you. You live there – you should love how it feels! If you do that your personality will come through and your home will truly reflect you.

If you want guidance, or even just a second opinion on your plan with any of these changes, my contact info is below and I’m happy to help!

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