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March 12, 2019

What’s New with Infinity Home Collection in Stapleton?

What’s new with Infinity Home Collection in Stapleton?  Here’s the Scoop for you!  (including a Facebook Live tour we did of the LUXE model!)

The main update is that Infinity homes have been selling REALLY well lately.  I’ve been working with several Infinity buyers and as we’ve been selecting lots for them I’ve seen how fast the lots are going overall.

Before I jump into what’s available, let’s recap what Infinity builds in Stapleton.  Here are links to their three homes series; ALTO ($700k’s) , VIVE ($800k’s – $1.0M) and LUXE ($1.2M – $1.5M).  You can check out all the three in the links provided or you can read this previous Infinity post we did outlining what each series is all about.  This will catch you up to speed on what they build.

In terms of what they have available in these series they are currently selling lots in North End, Stapleton’s last neighborhood.  This neighborhood, just to the East of Beeler Park, features a ton of open space, plenty of mountain and city views, Stapleton’s largest pool, Inspire Elementary and a future K-8 school!

Available Vive lots

See the included maps for available lots in the ALTO, VIVE, and LUXE series.

For the Alto series, the green lots you see are all spec homes in production, and will begin delivering this summer through the end of the year.

Available Alto lots



The green lots you see for VIVE series are available now for new construction and can still close by the end of the year with signatures this month.


Available Luxe lots

So you checked these out and they look great on paper.  Now it’s time to check out our Facebook Live walk through we did at the LUXE model, which you can see below.  Reminder, LUXE is the biggest and most grand of the 3 series but all the homes have the same sleek modern design and open layout. Here is some pricing info on the LUXE floorplans.

So check out the video below and if you’re interested in building an Infinity home please reach out (contact info below).  We focus on Stapleton and we do plenty of resale and new build homes so we’re happy to show you all your options.

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