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October 7, 2015

What is the Latest from Stapleton’s 9 Builders?

If you’re in the market to buy a home in Stapleton it can be a confusing process.  Do I go new build or do I go resale?  Which builders will work with my budget and which ones have lots coming available?

To help buyers navigate the current waters as it relates to new builds in Stapleton I recently went around to all 9 builders and tracked town inventory and pricing updates.  Check out the link below to see what each builder has to offer in Willow Park East, Wicker Park (the newest Stapleton neighborhood…check out this link for more info!) and the up-coming section of Bluff Lake (this is the only section of Stapleton located in Aurora) .  If you are considering new this could save you a ton of time so you don’t spend your Saturday running around to builders who may not fit your needs.

Once you get a chance to check out these inventory updates please let me know I can be of service as a local real estate broker.  If you go the new build route I am paid by the builder and whether or not you have an agent you pay the same price.  So why not have someone experienced looking out for your best interests?  If you think resale might be the right fit for you I am happy to give you a tour.

Hope this helps you in your search!

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Progress Coworking
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