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June 19, 2018

What is Parkwood Building in Stapleton Now?

Parkwood Homes is a long time Stapleton builder that builds timeless single family and town home series in the neighborhood.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had buyers say they want those classic east coast or southern looking homes and immediately I know they’re talking about Parkwood.

Parkwood is now starting to sell homes in “North End”, Stapleton’s last neighborhood.  This post will give you a quick overview of each homes series and then if you like one in particular just contact us and we’ll send you all the specific details, lots and available floor plans in that series.  (contact info is at the bottom)

Classic Dining Room

Single Family Homes

“Shenandoah Collection”

Parkwood’s only true single family home series at the moment is the Shenandoah collection. This series has front facing garages that usually allow for larger and more usable backyard space.

Asheville Exterior


These Parkwoods are some of Stapleton’s largest homes, with 2,300 – 3,000 sf above grade not including the optional finished basements.  Most plans allow for additional square footage on the second floor to create a 4th bedroom/bath and many also allow for a large third floor loft that’s perfect for a bedroom suite, craft area or amazing playroom!  You even have the opportunity to customize your floorplan with a home designer (which can include moving walls/adding windows/pocket doors/etc.) or opt for custom built-ins and woodwork.  

Since Parkwood is semi-custom, the “all in” prices vary greatly – from the low $700k’s to the $1.2M range. 

One of the best parts of these Shenandoah homes – the large lots!  The lots they’re releasing in North End are around 8,000 sf.  (You can see our recent post on their first release of lots in North End here)

Want to check out their floor plans, renderings and specifications?

Parkwood custom built ins & crown moulding.

Here you go:

Shenandoah Collection 

Because Parkwood has so many plans and so many exterior elevations (meaning how the home looks from the exterior) I’d suggest meeting with them if any of these plans look good to you. There are a lot of options that aren’t shown on-line.

There are a couple floor plans I want to draw your attention to:

First, the “Asheville” plan in the Shenandoah series has been their best seller for the past few years.  It still has the timeless character of the other homes but it features a more open concept main level that many of today’s buyers really want.

Second, the “Madison” plan has an open floor plan similar to the Asheville, but starts at a base price about $50,000 less.  This is a great option for buyers who love the Asheville style but don’t have the budget to match the price tag that comes along with the larger floor plan.

Like what you’re seeing so far and think you may want to build a new home in Stapleton’s “North End”?  Here is where you can grab the Builder Cheat Sheet we made & stay posted on all the latest in North End!

Get the

“Painted Ladies”

Parkwood’s other quasi – single family homes series is called the “Painted Ladies”,  a nod to the unique homes native to San Francisco that inspired them.  A say quasi single family because they look and feel like single family detached homes but the foundations are connected which technically make them town homes.

You can check out the 3 floor plans for the Painted Ladies collection here.

Yes, they’ll have all the detail and woodwork you would expect from a home with this inspiration, but unlike their San Fran counterparts, these floor plans include wide open spaces, extended kitchen islands, 2-car attached garages and all the energy efficiency of a new Energy Star certified home! Of course the best part is that it’s a Parkwood, which means you’re building a semi-custom home where you can refine and edit floor plans, add built-ins, design your stunning outdoor living and create a home as unique as you are.

Did I mention you can get a west facing deck? Yep – west facing on the 4th floor…and you know what that means! Hello Mountains!  Oh, and did I mention that the first Focus Real Estate client to contract and close on a Painted Ladies Collection home will earn a free weekend trip San Francisco?!  You heard that right, Joe, Amy and I are giving away 2 nights with airfare to San Francisco to check out where your iconic home was born!  Pop us an email for details (and feel free to pack one of us in your suitcase).

Each floorplan starts just shy of 2,300 sqft with the option to add a 4th floor and/or garage level finished square footage (adding more than 1200 additional sqft). The base plan will have 3 bedrooms with options to get to 5, perhaps even 6 bedrooms!

Starting in the upper $500s, I estimate “all in” costs will be in the $700s. I’m assuming you may want to finish the top floor and add some fabulous porches – since if you snag one of these, you really have to! We would be happy to do a pricing workup if you’d like to see if one of the amazing homes could fit your needs and budget.

Town Homes

“Beacon Hill Collection”

Brookline Living Room

Parkwood’s Beacon Hill Collection has beautiful 2-3 story town homes ranging from 1,900 – 2,700 sf range (not including the optional finished basements).  You’ll find 3-5 bedrooms, 2 car garages, smaller yards, mostly open floor plans on the main level and many homes have opportunities for 2nd or 3rd floor decks!  One of my favorite plans is the Brookline – which features a huge covered 3rd floor deck.

Like the pricing on the single-family homes, the townhome “all in” pricing can be a wide range. These townhomes will typically end up in the high $600k’s – $800k range.   Again, you have lots of options and structural changes you can make – so the price can vary – but if you are looking for the most square footage for the dollar – these may be perfect for you!  

If you think building a new home sounds like a good fit, but you’re nervous about the process – check out our new home building video series with every step from A-Z.

If you’re interested in having a local buyer’s agent and neighbor on your side, we’re here and happy to help.  You pay the same price whether you have an agent or not, so why not have someone who’s been through it and looks out for your best interests?

Please reach out if you need any information about Parkwood homes or any of the other Stapleton builders.

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