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February 15, 2017

I Tried a Cleanse and I Liked It

After spending two weeks over the holiday break in our home state of Tennessee, I returned to Denver full of BBQ, biscuits and pie. I felt sluggish and weighed about seven pounds heavier.

The only veggies I ate while we were away were either cooked with bacon or deep-fried. I do love fried okra but it was time to replenish my body with healthy, fresh nutrients.

After reading a lot about Breen Juice, I thought I would give them a try. Breen Juice is owned an operated by Stapleton mom Kelly Breen Reese.

Kelly started Breen Juice in 2016 and offers several fresh organic juice varieties (with more coming) catered to adults and children, plus apple cider and organic almond milk. She also offers a collection of her products as one, three or five day cleanses.

I decided to go all in a start with one of her cleanses. First and foremost, I am not a cleanse girl. They always seemed so intimidating and extreme. I usually chew my veggies and fruits not drink them, thank you very much, but I was desperate for a new beginning. It felt a three-day cleanse would be a great way to jumpstart healthier eating habits.

The cleanse was easy to adhere to since I received all the juices ready and labeled at my doorstep on a Sunday night. The instructions were simple: drink one of three different kinds of juice every few hours, then have Kelly’s homemade almond milk for dinner.

The juices and the almond milk are not only delicious but you can taste the freshness. Kelly juices whole fruits and vegetables in a commercial kitchen and doesn’t pasteurize her products, so no good vitamins or minerals are killed. Each juice contains four to five servings of fruits and veggies.

I wasn’t sure I could last three days but I did. It wasn’t that hard! For those who don’t want to do a liquid only diet, Kelly offers an option that can be combined with solid food. Many customers choose to order a few juices each week to add to their regular diet.

After completing “the cleanse,” I shed a few pounds and felt better in general. I’ve also continued to add more vegetables in my diet and that is a huge plus.

My 8 year old tried a few of the kid-friendly drinks and really enjoyed “Green Goodness” and “Orange Bomb.” For other kids, Kelly’s “Kool Aid” is typically the biggest hit.

Kelly delivers her offerings for free with a minimum purchase of three bottles to Stapleton Park Hill Lowry Cherry Creek and downtown Denver either on Sunday or Monday evenings. They come in reusable glass or plastic bottles and are ice-packed in a cooler.

Deal Alert: New customers can enjoy 15 percent off their first order when the enter the promo code “scoop” at checkout. Check out the Breen Juice website for more information.

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