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November 13, 2015

New Arrivals: Tim and Cindy


Cindy and Tim were moving to Denver from the Washington, DC area. They were about to start a family and knew they wanted a family friendly neighborhood. That said, they weren’t sure Stapleton was the place yet, only because they hadn’t explored other options. They came out for a visit and we did a big tour of different neighborhoods. They decided to move here and rent in Stapleton to try it out.

We kept in close contact and after a little over a year, they decided Stapleton was the right spot and they were ready to buy. They actually found the house they wanted randomly via an open house. It was perfect for their expanding family…4 bedrooms upstairs, great location by Stanley and the future Eastbridge town center, awesome kitchen…everything they wanted. We wrote an offer, contracted on it and helped them navigate the buying process. Here is what Tim and Cindy had to say about the experience of buying a home with Focus Real Estate:

“First and foremost Joe Phillips is a friend. And we became friends through working with him as our real estate agent based on a connection. It never once felt like a professional relationship that turned into a personal one — it was always personal and that says a lot about Joe as an individual. He is kind, caring and dedicated to his craft. He is warm, welcoming and knowledgeable. Your concerns are his concerns. He is attentive, detailed, actionable and responsive. And somehow we knew this immediately after our initial interactions at Stapleton’s Town Center where Joe and his family are also local residents. We’ve learned a lot from Joe on our journey from D.C. to Denver that began over a year ago and his influence is highly visible from his Stapleton Scoop blog to his network of family, friends and coworkers in this great township and the city of Denver. We landed our dream home and we mean that wholeheartedly and would not have been able to accomplish this without his guidance, experience, professionalism and personal touch.” – Tim & Cindy F, Eastbridge, Stapleton

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