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September 24, 2021

The Wicker Manor Returns to Frightening Central Park Residents Oct. 1st

Now that summer has passed and fall is upon us – what better way to celebrate than with a local home haunt inside a Central Park family’s garage? They have been building extremely detailed haunted houses in their garage for years now in order to raise money for various charities. The haunted house is called Wicker Manor and it’s located in Wicker Park. Best part is – it opens in 7 days!

This season the Wicker Manor has built an entirely new haunted house for kids and adults to experience – it’s a haunted gold mine! Once you enter the mineshaft you will take an elevator down into the mine. From there – we have no idea what happens. But I’m sure your family will be brave enough to find out!

You can find more about the Hermans haunted gold mine and Wicker Manor on their Instagram page @wickermanor or on their website www.wickermanor.com. Last year Wicker Manor had to do reservations only – and the calendar filled up quickly. This year there are no reservations required but masks will be strictly enforced and entrants must use provided hand sanitizer before entering. There will also be younger kid-friendly nights announced at a later date. So follow along on Instagram to be alerted to those when they come out. These more kid-friendly dates will allow our younger audience or less brave adults a chance to see the haunt with all the lights on, no actors, jump scares, or animatronics. For regular operating nights, we recommend no children under 6 but it’s ultimately up to you to make the decision.

We will be donating 100% of and donations given (completely optional) to WWF World Wildlife Fund’s wildlife conservation efforts.

Open Dates Below:

October 1 – 7pm – 9pm

October 2 – 7pm – 9pm

October 8 – 7pm – 9pm

October 9 – 7pm – 9pm

October 15 – 7pm – 9pm

October 16 – 7pm – 9pm

October 17 – 7pm – 9pm

October 22 – 7pm – 9pm

October 23 – 7pm – 9pm

October 24 – 7pm – 9pm

October 28 – 7pm – 9pm

October 29 – 7pm – 9pm

October 30 – 7pm – 9pm

October 31 – 7pm – 10pm

More info:

Address: 9222 E 53rd Avenue (behind the house in the alley)

Denver, CO 80238



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