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October 14, 2019

Stapleton’s new parks are amazing!

One of my favorite aspects of living in Stapleton is our wonderful park system.  From bike trails to swimming pools to sports fields to parks, we’re fortunate to live surrounded by beautiful, useable outdoor spaces.

Stapleton currently has 9 MCA large parks and 32 small MCA parks.  There are also 10 Denver Parks & Recreation parks in our community.  And this number is growing!  North End, Stapleton’s final community, has its own wonderful parks and trails as well that are starting to come online.

I spent an afternoon touring three of North End’s new parks – The Bluffs, North Commons Lawn, and the new Pool Park – with my children.  You can check out the map below to get a feel for where these new parks are. There are also a number of gorgeous pocket parks being built throughout the neighborhood.

What can you expect from our new community parks? Glad you asked! Without further adieu, here are a few pictures we took while touring Stapleton’s newest parks!

“Wind Gates” art installation in The Bluffs


Ropes course next to the new pool


Climbing wall in The Bluffs


New double slide at the pool park (opening May 2020)


A covered picnic structure in The Bluffs


New baseball field being installed just south of the pool park


“Wind Gates” art installation in The Bluffs


Here comes the grass!


The new pool park (opening May 2020)


A trail leads toward Beeler Park


More playground fun!


The new pool park (opening May 2020)


“Wind Gates” art installation in The Bluffs


Ropes course next to the new pool


New basketball court


The Bluffs park between Beeler Park and North End


A trail leading toward Beeler Park


Sunset at the park

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Last but not least, here’s a map showing where several of the major North End parks are located, as well as several renderings showing how the parks might mature as time goes on.

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