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“Shift” – A New Spin Class Option in Stapleton!

Stapleton resident Whitney Christensen wanted to open a business in the neighborhood that she was passionate about, that she would enjoy operating day to day and that would benefit the community.  Meet “Shift”, her new spin class business that just opened in Stapleton!

Check out the video below that I just shot with Whitney.  In it she’ll walk you through what the business provides, why they opened it in Stapleton, what makes them unique compared to your normal spin class and the various packages they offer.

Their main offering is a 45 minute cycling session in their state of the art cycle room.  They have new equipment, great music, motivated trainers, changing rooms, shoe clips you can rent and even daycare to watch your little ones while you spin!  I’ve made it to a few classes already and love it.  It’s a totally different workout than anything I normally do so I’m trying to mix it in.  I love the music and the darkness of the room, both of them allow me to zone out and just workout without thinking about what else I have planned for the day.  (A big bonus for those of us who have a hard time being present without mentally jumping to the next thing)

If you’re already active in Stapleton this could be a nice compliment to what you’re already doing.  And if you’re not active yet, this could be a great way to get going.  As Whitney explains in the video, all skill and fitness levels are welcome because there is plenty of room and you can set your own bike’s resistance level.  So you don’t have to worry about keeping up with everyone else, just go at the pace that gives you the workout you need.

Claim your Free Spin Class!

To sign up for a class or learn more go to the Shift website!

Don’t forget to check out the video below to meet Whitney & learn more!

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