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June 21, 2016

Powder Rooms that Pop!

Are you feeling the itch to do something new with the interior of your home but you don’t want to commit to a major project? Your powder room is a great space to do an uplift that won’t take a ton of time, money or make a mess!

I like to make the powder room be a stand out space that you and your guests will love to see. It’s a room that can be unique and interesting; quirky or glamourous; bold or subtle. The options are unlimited so step out of the box and do something out of the ordinary.

Here are a few tips and ideas I like to use when crafting a fabulous powder:

• Paint walls a great color. Pick a favorite color that you have always wanted to try but were too afraid to do so. Bold and dark colors are great to use in powder rooms because they can be contained to one small space. I recommend painting the ceilings too so that the contrast to the walls isn’t so substantial.

• You can also consider painting just the ceiling a complimentary color to the existing walls but be sure to be thoughtful on your color selections — make sure they work well together and with other design items in the room.

• Wallpaper! Yes, believe it or not wallpaper is back and better than ever. Your walls will need to have a smooth finish in order to install the paper but since powder rooms are typically small spaces, the cost is much more affordable than wallpapering a larger room in your home.

• Consider unique art treatments. This could be anything from several small framed photos collaged on a wall to a large overscaled art piece that takes up an entire wall. Really, the options are unlimited when it comes to art so find what you love and build around that.

• Update mirrors and light fixtures. Lots of homes will have the builder grade mirrors and light fixtures installed in the powder room. Finding new interesting and unique pieces to replace those is a very simple change that will definitely make an impact in the room with minimal effort involved.

Now I challenge you to make a change and design a powder room that truly reflects you and your imagination. Happy creating!

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