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June 19, 2018

Parkwood Releases 8 Lots in Stapleton’s “North End” Neighborhood

Parkwood Homes just released their first single family home lots in “North End”, Stapleton’s newest (and last) neighborhood!

They released 8 new single family home lots in their popular “Shenandoah” series, all around 8,000 sf which is large, so I went by to learn more.  Roughly an hour after the release 5 of the 8 were already spoken for!  Not surprising since they don’t have any other Parkwood single family lots available in Stapleton.  I figured I’d better get out a quick post to update you before the remaining 3 are gone… so here you go!  In this post you’ll find info on the lots, their size, lot premiums and the Parkwood homes you could build on them.

Where is “North End”?

First off, lets start with explaining where “North End” is located. North End is Stapleton’s last neighborhood and it’s located just to the East of Beeler Park. (Not sure where that is? Think just to the East of Dick’s Sporting Goods Park). The ground work on the neighborhood is just being worked on now and there are currently no homes built in this neighborhood yet.

Parkwood is one of the first builders to release lots in the area, and they explained that they usually release lots earlier than other builders because of their customization process.  Since Parkwood lets their buyers customize their floorplan and make all kinds of custom decisions and selections, their process takes a bit longer than other builders—typically about a year from contract to closing, depending on how long the permitting process takes.

This new neighborhood will be home to Stapleton’s largest outdoor pool, it will have sports fields and a lot of open space & parks. The way the land rises in certain areas of the neighborhood will create some spectacular mountain views. The neighborhood also houses Inspire Elementary, a future TBD school and it’s across 56th from Northfield High School. Here is a little more info about North End that was provided by Stapleton’s developer, Forest City.

Which Parkwood Homes could I build on these new lots?

As I mentioned earlier, five of the eight lots Parkwood released on Monday were reserved almost immediately. That means that the remaining three buyers will be somewhat more limited in which elevations they can choose from. Parkwood, like all of the Stapleton builders, is careful to ensure that they don’t put two identical houses or colors next to each other, and that the “massing,” or basic shape of the houses, looks good together on the block. So if you want the Asheville floorplan with a certain elevation (“elevation” just means the exterior look), you need to be sure to pick a lot early in the process so your neighbors don’t already have that plan and elevation, which would limit you. Here are the homes that they are offering on these lots and their starting base prices. And here is a page on their website where you can learn more about the various Shenandoah plans and the elevations they offer on each plan.

(Side note:  Parkwood will also have their “Painted Ladies” single family home lots and “Beacon Hill” town home lots coming soon so stay tuned to the Stapleton Scoop by signing up here & we’ll keep you in the loop!)

How much will these homes cost?

In the link in the paragraph above I provide the base prices for these homes. That said, anyone that has looked at new build homes before knows that base price is not the whole story, there are other costs to consider. Wanna figure out what your “all in” price will be?  It’ll be the base price + lot premium + structural upgrades + design center costs. The issue is you can’t see all these costs before you build, because Parkwood allows customization and can’t send you pricing for all these options you can choose from. The solution? Chat with Mariel Ross from our team, she helped around 6 or 7 buyers through this process with Parkwood last year alone and she built out some pretty dorky (but awesome) spreadsheets to be able to help buyers predict their all in pricing! Mariel can be reached at (720) 320-3536 & she’s happy to help!

Which 8 lots were released?

Here is a map showing where the lots are and then some specifics on the lot premiums on each lot.  As I mentioned, 5 of these 8 lots were already spoken for an hour after the lots were released. That happened because buyers have been waiting for months for these lots and Parkwood wanted to make sure they get the first chance to come grab the lots they’ve been waiting for. So now there are 3 lots left, and if you look at page 3 of the info in the link above you can find the 3 available remaining lots, which are Block 11 Lot 1, Block 11 Lot 4 and Block 25 Lot 1. (I personally like the Block 25 Lot 1 lot because it’s right around the corner from green space, a short walk to the new pool and it faces east, rather than North) The links above also show you overall maps of the area and where these lots are located. It’s still a little confusing, if you’re interested in building in this area with Parkwood we’d love to meet up, learn about what you’re looking for and help you weigh the pros and cons of each lot.  After these lots are gone there are several pockets of future Shenandoah lots that will be released. (There are a few really unique ones that we’d love to show you if you’re interested….South facing on green space and really close to the new pool!)

The released lots have lot premiums ranging from $55,000 – $76,000 and base prices for the series have increased anywhere from $12,000 – $17,000 depending on the plan. So prices continue to rise, which is in line with what we’re seeing in the Stapleton resale market in general.

What are my next steps if I’m interested?

If you think building with Parkwood in North End could be the right fit for you, or if you just want to explore all your Stapleton options, we’d love to meet up and talk through it with you. We can help you understand your all in price, talk through the various lots you could choose from (now and coming down the pipe), make sure you are considering all your housing options and answer any questions you have about the new build process. And bonus, the builder pays our commission so you as the buyer pay the same price whether you have an experienced new build agent like us on your side or not.

At Focus Real Estate we help buyers in Stapleton by acting as their “Buyer’s Agent,” which means we can guide them through the process regardless of whether they buy a new build home or a resale home. We don’t work for any one builder in particular, so we’re not captive to just one product. We can show buyers all the options and help them make the right choice.  Here is what some recent clients had to say about working with us. If you have questions or want to chat my contact info is below!

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