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November 22, 2016

Old Soul sans Handyman Skills

As a real estate agent, I have the unique opportunity to tour some of Denver’s most beautiful historic homes. As a renter of a historic home (many moons ago in New Orleans, then in Denver), I realized that is all I should do – tour them. You see, my husband and I are the opposite of handy. I kill all plants (yes even mint) and my husband once Googled the difference between a screwdriver and a drill (although he insists that’s not the whole story). We are terrified of replacing the batteries in our smoke detectors (what button do you press to reset?!?). In short, we could never care for a historic home without a live-in handyman – hence – why I’m building my Parkwood!

Sure, I can admit I am lacking in this particular skills department, but that doesn’t mean I don’t adore the charm and detail of a vintage home. So I did what any Fixer Upper obsessed, “Johanna is my power animal” consumer would do – I sought to replicate it! Once we move in to our Parkwood (already outfitted with crown molding, cased windows and vintage style doors), I’ll add décor and hardware to reflect a more historic look. Many of Stapleton’s new home builders have finishes that add character – but here are some cool ideas to instantly add old-school charm to your new home. The best part? Even an old soul sans handyman skills can order and install these goodies! (Be sure to check out my Pinterest Board too)

Doorbell: The equivalent of a smile for your home. Assuming you don’t already have a RING doorbell – why not replace that sad plastic fixture on your beautiful new build? Restoration Hardware has some fancy “Embossed Doorbells” and Signature Hardware carries a huge selection.

Switchplate Covers: White plastic or metal? That is so 2000s. Oil rubbed bronze or brushed nickel? Now we’re talking! JustSwtichplates.com offers a huge selection in a variety of colors for just about any style. Check out Vintage Hardware for even more fun selections!

Hinges: This might be my favorite touch in historic homes. I just love ornate antique door hinges. It feels like a hidden treasure in these homes – but who needs the squeaky doors? Look In the Attic doesn’t think you need them! Hinge Vintage Hardware has some fabulous (you guessed it) hinges too!

Register Covers: You don’t have to live with those brown standard register covers! Restoration Hardware has some beautiful selections like this brushed nickel “20th Century Scroll Register Cover” that we got from the outlet in Castle Rock ☺ Or check out Signature Hardware for some beautiful designs as low as $8 per cover for the “Victorian Steel Floor Register”.

Cabinet Hardware and Drawer Pulls: The possibilities here are pretty endless – but I really love Anthropologie for unique knobs and pulls – like this “Handle with Care” pull. Here’s where you can be eclectic and mix and match styles. Also check out our own local Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore for some secret finds!

Doorknobs: Crystal? Egg-shaped? Floral? Every room can have it’s own fabulous design! This is another opportunity to shop antique stores, ReStore, Etsy and Ebay – but be sure to stay tuned to Anthropologie’s member sales or go right to the source at DoorknobsOnline.com!

I’ve highlighted a few types of “upgrades” you can do on your own – but of course lighting, furniture and décor can also set the stage for a character-filled home. I highly recommend checking out Rare Finds at 6500 E Stapleton Drive for amazing vintage and rustic-style décor! So go ahead and make your brand new home your own kind of vintage! Don’t have that new home yet? As of the writing of this post, builders are releasing lots in Beeler Park and Bluff Lake – and Parkwood still has a few homes and townhomes available in Wicker Park! It could be the perfect time to find the perfect place that marries loads of charm and modern plumbing too!

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