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April 3, 2014

New Arrivals: Nicole And Seth

Nicole and Seth found me through the Stapleton Scoop blog.  Seth had recently become a doctor at the Fitzsimons Medical Campus where Nicole works as well. They both wanted to be close to home and they wanted to have room for their son Elijah.  Because of their timing their preferred to build a new home rather than buy a resale.  We helped them tour the various builders and understand all the options available to them.  We ended up finding a Boulder Creek Builders home in the Bluff Lake neighborhood of Stapleton which is just minutes from their work!  Here is Nicole and Seth’s experience in their own words:

“If there was a way to give Joe more than five stars we would. He was a tremendous asset to us throughout the process of purchasing and building our new home in Stapleton. We originally found him because of the helpful videos he posted on his blog (stapleton scoop) which walk you through the process of how a new build can be different from buying an existing home. No matter how silly the question or request, Joe always took care if it quickly and with an amazing attitude. We highly recommend his services.” Nicole & Seth E, Bluff Lake, Stapleton

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    3. Ooh, very good last sentence, Juli! I think it’s easier for our family to unplug the TV b/c we’re rural and don’t have cable. We get two or three of the major networks on a good day’s reception. I think I’d get hooked on HGTV!I’m so glad you took time to comment, hope you come back!

    4. Oh, Tricia…I bet you and I would have enough barn photos alone to keep a blog going for a long, long time! I really like these…love the B&W one.

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    2. Anonymous – Alyson,Just viewed the preview prints from Rachel and Pat’s wedding. They are fantastic, can’t wait to see the full proof set. You did a fantastic job and were so much fun to work with.Rachel’s Dad

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