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September 27, 2018

News & Notes from North End

Here is our first “News & Notes from North End” update. This is an example of the info you will receive if you sign up at homesinnorthend.com to stay posted on what’s happening in North End, Stapleton’s newest (and last) neighborhood.

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In this “news & notes” format we’re gonna share info we learn in no particular order.  If you’re interested in building in North End and want customized attention to your needs let us know, we’d love to help!

We’re still very early in the development of the neighborhood (0 homes actually being built at this point) but that doesn’t mean homes aren’t being sold.  In fact, several builders have released lots and started sales.

So who has released lots and is selling at this point?

Parkwood Homes

Thrive Home Builders

KB Home

Who’s not selling yet but will be releasing lots for sale soon?

Infinity Home Collection

David Weekley Homes

Wonderland Homes


Creekstone Builders

How are builders releasing and selling their lots in North End?

Each builder is unique and part of the value we can add as local agents is helping you stalk the lot and floor plan that you love.  We’re doing this for several clients and we’re happy to do the same for you.  (Wanna chat about North End?  Here is my calendar where you can set up a time for a quick chat that’s convenient for you)

Some builders will let you reserve a lot even if it’s not “released” for sale yet.  This is a great zero risk way to get first crack at that lot you love!  Other builders are having grand opening events and a very structured release process.  The process really varies by builder, so let us help you navigate the process.

For example, see below to learn how Wonderland Homes is doing their up-coming lot release.

Wonderland Lot Release Process Explained:

Wonderland is about to release lots in North End in 4 of their popular homes series which will be priced in the $400k’s to $600k’s.  These will include several single family homes series and town homes series. Here is how it will work:

10/13 Preview Event – This preview event will be to educate everyone on the homes, the lots, etc. At this event you can set up a follow up meeting with Wonderland’s appropriate sales rep for the series you like so you can then meet them and get all your questions answered. So you don’t need to worry about going early to this event or trying to be there first, that won’t affect which lot you receive.  You can learn more about this event and RSVP here.

Two weeks between 10/13 and 10/27 – Buyers will meet with the builder at their appt. (which they scheduled at the event on 10/13) and get all the answers they need to be prepared for the 10/27 release date. These one-on-one buyer meetings with the builder will be the chance to talk through pricing, see which lots would work for you and determine the homes that best fit your needs.

10/27 Release date – On this date the builder will release the lots and it’s first come first serve.  So be prepared to jump on the home you love by this date!

North End “Nuggets” to share with you:

KB Home has dirt start and spec lots available in their paired homes series.  See those here.

KB Home has 6 available lots in their Wildflower series right now.  You can check out what those plans are like here.  End prices will be in the high $500k’s/low $600k’s.

KB Home has been selling through their Starlight series very quickly.  Not familiar with these large ranch homes?  Check out this previous post.   They currently have two “dirt start” lots available (check out the map here, I like the one facing the green space!) and they have an Eclipse “spec” (meaning one that is already near completion) in Beeler Park that’s available.  See details on that spec home here.  These homes typically end in the $800k’s.

Thrive Home Builders just released their 3 story rows product.  They have two plans available right now, the “Curtis” and the “Skyline” (end unit with 3 beds!).  You can see the lot map for these here or check out the floor plans here.  Good option for someone looking in the high $300k’s/mid $400k’s.

Thrive released lots in their single family Vita series in North End!  You can check out those plans here.  Good option for buyers looking in the high $500k’s to mid $600k’s.

Thrive has a few Zen 2.0 homes left in Beeler Park but they’re getting snatched up quickly.  You can see those here.  (Side note:  Mariel from our team helped some clients snatch up the “PWR” spec today so that one is off the board!)  These spec homes are in the $600k’s.

Boulder Creek Builders just released their last ranch style homes in Beeler Park. (they won’t be building these in North End) Interested?  You can learn more in our most recent real estate update from Amy Atkinson here.

Parkwood is selling their lots really quickly in North End.  When I spoke to them last week they had about 10 lots left in their single family home series!

Forest City, the developer of Stapleton, is being purchased by Brookfield Asset Management.  My guess (big emphasis on “guess” here because I have no inside info) is that this sale would not affect the lots being sold in the first half of North End.  Could Brookfield, who has a residential builder component of their business, maybe snag some of the lots in the second half of North End for themselves?  Seems like that could happen but we’ll have to wait and see how it plays out.   (read more on that sale here)

Well that’s enough for now!  Hopefully this info is helpful to you as you track North End.  Can we ask you a favor in return?  If you know anyone who would find this info helpful please forward it on to them and just let them know to sign up at homesinnorthend.com to get updates going forward.

If you’re interested in building in North End our team of Stapleton-based agents would love to help as your buyer’s agent!

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