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April 22, 2021

More “Wee Cottages” coming to Central Park Neighborhood!

Boulder Creek Builders will soon be building more of their “Wee Cottages” in Denver’s Central Park Neighborhood.  Here’s the scoop!

The cottages, which feature 2 bedrooms and roughly 1,350 sf, have proven to be a great option for buyers that want a single family home, they don’t want more space than they need and they value a home that offers a low maintenance lifestyle. 

Boulder Creek Builders sold out of these homes in Central Park quite a while ago, but the exciting news is they’ll be building more of these in the last phase, known as North End.

So can you buy one now?  Nope…not yet!  They’ll have 30 more of these homes coming though in the near future.  We expect that these homes will start releasing for sale in North End around mid to late July 2021. 

One change since the last time they built these homes is they will face shared courtyards that will be maintained by the HOA rather than by the owners.  (again…low maintenance!)  In the past they were street facing.  (We personally live on a shared courtyard like this and we love it! So nice to be able to open your front door and not have to immediately see cars.)

Since none are available now we pulled up some past sales of Wee Cottages so you can flip through the pictures to see if this is something you may be interested in.  You can find those here.

So how much will these cost?  The builder has not released any information on this yet, but my guess at this point would be these will end up in the low $500k’s.  (The market is up since these past resales in the link above, as are the costs to builder for buying lots.  So I expect the end price to the buyer to be up as well)

So how do you give yourself a chance to get one of these?  At this point it’s early in the process and getting one will take some effort.  Part of the service we provide as buyer’s agents for new build clients is we help you stay “top of mind” with the builder.  We continually track down updates, keep your name in front of the builder and help you get the best shot possible to snag a lot and home you love when they’re released.  (Plus you pay the same price whether you have an agent on your side or not!) If you’d like to chat about your home search my contact information is below.

Not sure “Wee Cottage” by Boulder Creek is right for you?  Or maybe you can’t wait that long?  Well we focus on all real estate in Central Park, both new homes and resale ones, and we have a few resources to share that may help you.

3 Resources for potential Central Park buyers:

Central Park Scoop Youtube channel – We built this channel exclusively for the person new to Central Park or considering a move to the area.  So if that’s you start here!

Central Park Scoop Facebook page –  This channel is all about providing useful information on the community and real estate in the area.  Perfect whether you’re new or you’ve lived here 15 years.  We post real estate updates on the neighborhood each Friday as well as Facebook Live videos of all our new listings!

HomesinNorthEnd.com – This site we build just about construction in North End, the final phase of development in the neighborhood.  Sign up for a cheat sheet we built to show you all the builders in the area and we’ll just update you on news related to builders as we learn it.

Ok, well hopefully this post and the resources above have helped you in your home buying journey. If you want to chat about the Wee Cottages or anything related to the area my contact info is below. I’m here to help.

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