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September 3, 2013

"MOOP" – The Coop For Design-Minded Chickens!

MoopWhen I read about the “Moop” (Modern Coop) I was fascinated that someone actually made an attractive chicken coop.  It got the wheels spinning for me and now I’m looking for more information the whole concept.  (No, I don’t have wife approval of this idea yet but I gotta get the facts before I go in with another hair-brained scheme.  I don’t even have the golf cart idea approved yet but I making progress on that cause the other day she texted me a pic of a sweet cart at the pool!).

What does it look like and how much does it cost?   I’ve included one photo of a MOOP in this blog post but you can go to this blog post by Jetson Green to get more information and see tons of photos.  These MOOPs,with the modern desgin, would go great in the backyard of an Infinity or Wonderland “Expressions” home here in Stapleton.

By no means am I a homesteader (one year with an overgrown raised bed garden doesn’t qualify me for anything!) but I have enjoyed the gardening this year and I love that my daughters are learning from the hands on experience.  The gardening really has built community in our area and I can see chickens doing the same thing.  Great lessons for the kids about responsibility plus fresh eggs for omelettes in the morning!

If you make it to the Coop tour be sure to say hello!

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