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August 23, 2016

What is KB Home Building in Stapleton Now?

KB Home has a lot going on in Stapleton!  Three new or retooled homes series in two brand new areas of the neighborhood so it was time for an update to get you up to speed.  Check out this post to learn the basics on pricing, lots, what’s new & more.  If you like what you see I’m here to help you through the entire new home building process!

Let’s start by helping you zone in on which of the two new areas may work best for your needs.

First, there is Beeler Park, the new area just starting to be built out to the East of Dick’s Sporting Good Park north of I-70.  This area will be where the next 3-4 years of homes will be built out.  It’s really the last big parcel of land for Forest City in Stapleton.  Here’s a post on the Beeler Park basics if you want to learn more.

Second, there is Bluff Lake.  This area is South of I-70 on the east side of Stapleton just below the Bluff Lake Nature Center. It’s a smaller parcel of land and there will be just 322 homes in this area.  Here’s a post where you can learn more about Bluff Lake.

So let’s get into what KB Home has to offer now in these two areas:

Beeler Park area:

“Wildflower” collection:

Beeler Park will have the three home series that KB Home is building currently.  Here is a breakdown of each.

The single family detached homes will be called the Wildflower collection.

This collection will have 5 floor plans and they will range in above grade square footage, not including basements, of roughly 1,600 – 2,200 sf.  (if you add a finished basement these homes can have over 3,000 finished sf!)

The homes have 2 – 4 bedrooms depending on which plan you choose.  Check out all 5 plans here.  Keep in mind that KB Home has options to add square footage and to add bedrooms to each plan so if you think it doesn’t have what you need be sure to ask how it can be expanded.

These 5 homes are similar to the homes they built in the “Tallgrass” collection in other areas of Stapleton, but they’ve been reworked.  What are the big changes they’ve made?  Here are just a few:

  • basements are now included!  So each home gets an unfinished basement without having to add it as an option.  This is a great change, almost all buyers want a basement.
  • main levels now have 9 ft ceilings standard
  • there is a new “prairie” exterior elevation option
  • all of the exterior elevations are the same price now
  • the base appliance package is now stainless steel (includes stove, microwave and dishwasher)
  • all plans now have more cabinet and counter top space
  • all new exterior colors
  • there is now a zero energy ready option.  This option means that the home is built in a very energy efficient manner and if you want to essentially get your home to the point where your energy bills are zero (note you will still have a few energy utility fees each month that can’t be avoided) all you have to do is add a sufficient solar panel array on your home.  (NOTE THAT THE FIRST 7 LOTS BEING SOLD IN THIS AREA GET THIS OPTION FREE, THAT’S A BIG BONUS!)

So with all these changes did the price go up?  Yes, it did, as will the pricing with all of Stapleton’s builders.  These homes will end up in the high $400k’s to mid $500k’s once you make all your selections.

The price increases you’ll see are for two reasons.  First, the lot prices that the builder pays to Forest City have increased.  Second, the builders are including more on these homes standard (see above).  Third, it’s a market, the builders are businesses and the they realize they can charge more and still be in line with current resale pricing.

These homes face onto courtyards that are for the enjoyment of those homes that face the courtyard.  A second HOA exists on these homes, above and beyond the $40 master HOA, which is currently $97 per month.  That second HOA maintains the courtyard landscaping, handles snow removal, etc.

Interested in these plans?  Here is a map of the single family KB Home lots in Beeler Park.  I’ve made some highlights on it to show you which lots are releasing first, etc.  Like the homes but don’t love the current available lots for some reason?  No problem.  KB Home will take a $1,000 check and give you a first right of refusal on a future lot. That means you have the first right to buy that lot when it becomes available.  If you decide not to buy the lot when it does become available you can get the $1,000 back.  Note that they will do this for you but only on lots that are releasing fairly soon, they don’t want to reserve lots that aren’t releasing for a long time.

The first Wildflower homes will likely be ready for move in around April to June 2017.

Want to build a home but not sure how the process work?  This free video series I shot can help!

Ranch home series

The other series that KB Home will be building in Beeler Park is a series dedicated to ranch plans, meaning one story home plans.  These are not yet available and they don’t have much information about them yet for me to share.  They will end up being priced in the $500k’s once you make all your selections.  You can see these lots in blue on the single family home lot map here.

Villas (Beeler Park):

In Beeler Park KB Home is building their Villas paired homes.  These paired homes are similar to the ones that they’ve been building in other sub-neighborhoods North of I-70 like Willow Park East, Wicker Park, etc.  They will be building 4 different plans and the price will be more for the reasons I described previously.  The 4 plans in this area are the Hemlock, the Cedar, the Maple and the Spruce.  The paired homes are roughly 1,300 to 1,500 square feet above grade, not including a basement if you choose to add one.  KB Home often times has options too that can increase the square footage of the home so if you think they may be a bit small be sure to investigate a little further.  Additional 3rd and even 4th bedrooms can be added as well.  You can check out these plans here.   I think the prices will likely be in the mid $400k’s once all selections are made.

Bluff Lake area:

Villas (Bluff Lake):

In Bluff Lake KB Home is also building their Villas paired homes.  These paired homes are similar to the ones they’re building in Beeler Park but there are some important distinctions.

One difference is KB Home is only offering 3 plans in this area, the Hemlock, the Cedar and the Maple (no Spruce plan).  The paired homes are roughly 1,300 to 1,500 square feet above grade, not including a basement if you choose to add one.  KB Home often times has options too that can increase the square footage of the home so if you think they may be a bit small be sure to investigate a little further.  Additional 3rd and even 4th bedrooms can be added as well.  Check out the 3 floor plans here.  Wanna see more?  They have 2 of these 3 plans modeled in Stapleton that you can tour.  (Side note…if you want to have a buyer’s agent on your side, whether it’s me or someone else, you should bring that agent with you to tour the model home)

A second distinction between these paired homes and the other ones in Beeler Park is the price.  In terms of pricing, I expect these homes to be in the high $300k’s/low $400k’s once you make all your selections.  This is quite a bit lower than the cost of the same homes in Beeler Park, the other new area of Stapleton.  (roughly 8-10% less expensive!)  I assume the lower price in Bluff Lake is because these homes are located in the Aurora Public Schools district rather than the Stapleton Denver Public Schools, which are currently higher rated schools.  This area also has a slightly higher tax rate than the rest of Stapleton.  So because of these two factors KB Home has priced them lower and so far they are selling really well.  As of the time I write this they only have 3 lots available but there will be more to come.

That’s the update on KB Home right now in Stapleton!  Lots of available options for buyers in the $300k’s – $500k’s!

Not finding what you need?  Check out what the other Stapleton builders have to offer here.

If you’re interested in learning more or potentially getting a Stapleton-based buyer’s agent on your side I’m here to help.  You pay the same price either way, whether you have an agent or not, so why not have someone experienced on your side?  Let me know if I can help and keep an eye out on the Scoop for more updates on all the Stapleton builders.  Sign up here for our updates!

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