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January 12, 2014

Departures: Joanna And Reed

Joanna and Reed were considering a move back to the East coast for family reasons. So unfortunately they were leaving Stapleton and needed to sell their KB paired home. They were interviewing a few Stapelton realtors and one of their neighbors mentioned they should talk to me as well. They told me about their situation and I was able to work with another Stapleton Realtor I knew to bring them a buyer that fit their needs perfectly. We were able to get the home under contract without even listing the home for sale and they best part is they received the price they wanted as well as the flexibility on timing! Here is what Reed had to say about the experience in his own words:

“Joe was a highly responsive and supportive agent. We are very glad we had his help through this process.” – Joanna and Reed, South End, Stapleton

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