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June 4, 2019

How to Refresh Your Kitchen without a Complete Kitchen Overhaul

Wanting to make a change to your kitchen but don’t want to do a complete overhaul?  Not sure what makes the most impact for your budget? Here are my suggestions on where to start and things to consider when deciding on the best approach to make modifications to one of the most important spaces of your home!

  • Paint your cabinets! This may seem like a great, easy way to change the vibe of your space and it certainly can be but there are some important considerations to keep in mind. There’s a certain amount of prep work and a preferred way of applying paint to make cabinets look great and durable enough to use. They will look best if you hire a professional painter to do the work and be sure they do a sprayed finish with a high-quality paint meant to go on cabinetry.  I don’t suggest cabinetry painting as a DIY project so save your rollers and brushes for your walls.  Also keep in mind those old oak cabinets (and other wood with noticeable grain) will still show the graining through the paint so be sure you like that look if you decide to paint them.
  • As for color, everyone is loving a white cabinet look. White is definitely a classic and can really transform a dark space but also consider color! Pale gray, vibrant green, peacock blue — really anything goes if it works with your countertops and you love it. Why not really customize a look to fit you and your style. I just recommend checking out samples of the color at different times during the day to make sure it’s the right one!
  • Change out your counters. This is another great way to freshen up a space. Quartz is a great product that is available from several sources. Its durable with lots of different color and style options.  Marble is another beautiful look but can be pricier and has a bit more maintenance.  Quartzite is another natural stone with beautiful options. Just know that replacing the countertop will often lead to other things that need to be addressed for example sinks, faucets and possibly backsplash which will involve needing to get plumbers and tile installers involved.
  • Cabinetry hardware. This is a bit like jewelry for your kitchen, if you don’t have any you should definitely add it! If you do, consider changing it — brass, matte black, crystal. There are tons of options out there that will really change the look of your kitchen. Plus it’s an easy, quick and fairly affordable modification to make!  Consider finding something that contrasts with your cabinetry and its okay if the it’s a different finish than your faucet.
  • Similarly, replace out-of-date pendants for something that fits your current style. They can be simple or dramatic but will make a big difference — especially if you are currently living with those builder grade ones that may have come with your house. And don’t be afraid to go bigger – an oversized pendant (within reason) can definitely make a statement.
  • Finally, backsplash. This is a really great way to add character to your kitchen. It can be done in conjunction with all the other items above or by itself. There are several tile stores around the Stapleton/Denver area now that allow anyone access to shop products with tons of options. Not to mention unlimited online resources as well. Be sure to pick something that’s going to work with your overall color palette and countertop. I always recommend buying a sample or two and looking at them in your home.  Also keep grout in mind. A contracting grout can be an interesting detail or match the grout to the tile for less contrast. Also keep in mind kitchens can be dirty — avoid using white grout, not a great look with spaghetti sauce! Or upgrade to a high quality, stain resistant grout that doesn’t require being sealed.

Have fun dreaming up the different ways to transform your kitchen!

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