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September 3, 2021

Factory Five Five brings Fashion, Film, Theater, and Photography to the Neighborhood

Factory Five Five, located at 10255 E 25th Ave (just a couple blocks east of Stanley Marketplace), is an art collective where fashion, film, theater and photography meet. Factory Five Five was founded as a way to bring together different art communities to collaborate in a single space. Its youth programs teach kids various artistic trades, while also helping build life skills like discipline, public speaking, and setting/achieving measurable goals. Industry professionals receive access and opportunities to earn a living wage, showcase their artistic talents and build a career in the arts. Fall classes begin September 13th, 2021. More information and links to register can be found on the website.

Owner Skye Barker Maa (who many of you know from Neighborhood Music & Theatre in Stanley Marketplace) tells us more and gives us a quick tour of the black box theater, in this short Facebook Live Video. Their upcoming production called Daisy’s Day Speakeasy will run Friday and Saturday nights September 10, 11, 17, 18, 24 & 25 at 7:00 pm (with an additional 9:00 pm show on the 11th). The experiential performance, presented by Bizarre Cafe, invites audiences to have a direct impact on parts of the story. The show features live music, performances by jk-co dance and cocktails from Factory Five Five’s Velvet Underground Coffee Shop and Bar. Get your tickets here, wear your Flapper/Gatsby/1920s garb and access the theater through the back door marked “factory” off Galena St.

Photo credit: From the Hip Photo

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