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October 2, 2015

David Weekley Homes Stapleton Inventory Update!

Interested in building a David Weekley new built home in Stapleton? If the answer is yes you’re in luck because they have some inventory available in some of their collections!

David Weekley is currently building their “Cottages” detached single family home collection, their paired home collection and coming soon they’ll be selling their Rows, which is a new town home collection.

The single family homes are going in the mid to high $400k’s and the paired homes are going in the low to mid $400k’s.  These are “all in” prices after you take into account base price + lot premium + structural selections (fireplace, basement finish, etc) + design center finishes (tile, cabinets, hardwoods, etc) I’m not sure about the pricing on the townhomes yet because that info is not available.

The purpose of this post will be to update you on the available and upcoming inventory for each of the homes series being offered by David Weekley in Stapleton. Once you review it if you think you’d be interested in building a David Weekley Home I’d love to have the chance to help you as your buyer’s agent. The builder pays my commission and you pay the same price whether you have an agent or no so why not have someone who has gone through it many times before on your side?

This post won’t go into great detail about the homes but if you need some background info here is a previous David Weekley post that will help. You can also check out our David Weekley board on Pinterest to see some pictures and floor plans!

Inventory Information:

David Weekley Homes “Cottages” Collection:

David Weekley got a lot of lots in Willow Park East so even though they’ve been selling well they still have some homes at various stages of completion.

Here is a map showing all the lots in Willow Park East and I’ve made some notes to explain it.

First, they have 5 “spec” homes that will be complete between December 2015 and February 2016. These could work great for someone who doesn’t want to make all the selections and wants to move in sooner rather than waiting for 6+ months.

If you prefer to do a dirt start (meaning start from dirt and make all the selections) David Weekley has 6 lots available to contract on now and about 25 more lots to be released over the coming months in Willow Park East! So there are options. I really like the 6 that are already released on 54th Place because they are on a quiet street, they are right across from an awesome pocket park that is already in place and they’re walking distance to Sandhills Prairie Park. I don’t personally love the available lots on Uinta St because I do think that will be busy in the future (just my personal preference and resale perspective).

Of all the builders David Weekley has the most current inventory so this could be a good option if you like what they have to offer and the mid to high $400k’s price range works for you. If you are interested in one of the specs or the 6 lots across from the pocket park you can contract on one now. If you want one of the other future release lots you can get on their interest list and even reserve a lot by putting down a refundable deposit. This deposit will give you the first option to buy the lot when it’s released and if you don’t like the price you can pass and get your money back.

After Willow Park East the Cottages collection will not be built in Wicker Park but it may be built in the Bluff Lake (Aurora) section of Stapleton coming in 2016. More info on that down the road.

David Weekley Homes Paired Homes Collection:

The paired homes are all sold out in Willow Park East. David Weekley will have 6 paired home lots available in Wicker Park, Stapleton’s newest neighborhood. Not familiar with it? Here is an overall map of Stapleton where you can find Wicker Park on the northeast corner of the intersection of Central Park Blvd and Prairie Meadows Drive. Once you get your bearings here is a zoomed in map showing Wicker Park and the 6 David Weekley paired home lots.

After Wicker Park I’m not sure where the David Weekley paired homes will be built. I don’t think that this collection will be built in the Aurora section of Stapleton coming soon.

If you are interested in this series you should get on their interest list right away since there will only be 6 lots coming in Wicker Park.

David Weekley Rows:

Currently there isn’t much available on these row homes. The info I know is they will first be built just south of the Bladium on Central Park Blvd, there will be 2 floor plans, they will have 2,000 to 2,200 sf above grade, there will be no basements and no yards. Pricing should be in the low to mid $400k’s. More on this to come down the road when it becomes more available.

So that is the update on what David Weekley Homes has available in Stapleton. Again, if you are thinking about buying I’d love to help as your buyer’s agent. Whether you buy new or resale be sure to check out all the options so you make the best decision possible for you and your family.

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