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February 1, 2017

David Weekley Homes Releases Lots in Beeler Park

David Weekley Homes has just recently released lots in Stapeton’s Beeler Park neighborhood.  They have lots available for their paired home series and their single family detached home series.

The paired homes have base prices in the mid $400k’s and the single family homes start in the upper $400k’s.

You can check out the lot locations for this release here.

Here is some info on the specific base prices for each lot.

This specific lot info will change quickly.  If you want more info on what David Weekley builds check out this overall post about their Stapleton Homes and if you want to know what’s available as of time you read this my contact info is below.

I’m a local agent that focuses on Stapleton and I’m happy to help you find the home that meets your needs, whether it’s a new build or a resale.

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