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February 28, 2017

Creekstone Homes Releases First Lots in Stapleton

Creekstone Homes is now officially the 10th builder offering new homes in Stapleton.  They have started construction on their model homes in Beeler Park and they’ve also released their first paired homes for sale.

Not familiar with Creekstone Homes?  That’s probably because they have been building in Colorado Springs until now.  This is their first large venture in Denver & their excited to be joining the mix in Stapleton.  This post will focus on the new information available now, such as pricing, lot locations, etc.  If you want more background on what they’ll be offering please check out this previous post on Creekstone Homes in Stapleton.

Creekstone will be building their new ranch style paired homes in the Beeler Park area of Stapleton.  The homes have base prices in the high $300k’s, which means they’ll be in the low $400k’s after you make your finish selections and closer to the mid $400k’s if you chose to finish the basement.  You can see all the base pricing on their floor plans here.

Here is a sheet that will show you the details on the spec home they have which should start in March.  (“Spec” is a real estate term you may not be familiar with.  It means  a home the builder is starting to build speculatively, meaning it is not sold to a specific buyer yet.)

If the spec home is not the home for you or you’re not quite ready yet they will have 26 more lots that they’ll be releasing in Stapleton in 2017.  You can see their initial lots on this map and I’ll share more information on new lots as they are released.  (In the map link ignore the “Future Lot Release” part, that is referring to another builder and I think it’s confusing)

Overall it’s very early in the process still so if you like the idea of these homes lets connect and I can keep you posted as more information is released.

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    I called both numbers on the flyers you have attached and one is disconnected and the other goes to a family therapist. I wonder what is going on with that? Seems kind of strange.

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