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May 24, 2022

Central Park Playground is Getting a Makeover!

Fun Fact: Central Park is home to over 50 neighborhood parks and hosts 25% of Denver parks! If you frequent the parks often, or drive down Martin Luther King Blvd, you may have noticed the Central Park playground is blocked off and wondering what is happening? Central Park playground is finally getting its makeover! The refresh will include lots of new and exciting things, and we have the scoop on the upcoming improvements!

This project has been in the works for several years and DPR Legacy Funds and DPR Capital Funds are responsible for moving this $2 million dollar project forward that will provide new concrete walks, playground surfacing, site furnishings, play equipment, shade structures, lighting, water pump/misters, zip line, irrigation, and plantings to the Central Park playground area. Construction is anticipated to be completed in Spring of 2023. Here is the concept design of what it will look like from Denver Parks and Recreation.

Restoration and improvements are also in the works for the Greenway Park located off 24th Ave. Below is it’s conceptual drawings. Final concept has not been released yet.

While improvements are underway, this is a great time to explore the dozens of other parks and playgrounds within our community. You can check those out here: https://www.denver80238.com/community/parks-and-open-space/

Additional information regarding the Central Park playground improvements can be found on the Denver Parks and Recreation website.


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  1. Susan Arruda

    It would be nice to have ANY work done on the park in beeler Park -bounded by Chester way, 58th avenue, Dallas and 59north place. The playground has been blocked off for about 6 months((the city says it will be completed/fixed by June), many trees are dead, dying or the root systems so covered by debris, leaves, growth of weeds, etc. that they will surely die; other dead trees have been removed but not replaced, grass cutting is erratic and clippings left on the ground or under the trees, trash rarely picked up, etc. Yet, we see Denver Parks moving piles of dirt around constantly for the so-called bike park a block west…. This has been going on for months with little progress except for more dirt moved around. We bought our home near the park to be able to use it…. But this park is not being maintained as it should be. And why should the kids NOT have a playground to play on for over 6 months???? other parks in Central Park are well-maintained, trees and plantings replaced….. what’s going on here???? Promises from the city, yet nothing done.

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