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June 15, 2020

Local Business “Mamabird Interviews” Empowers Women of Color

We met up with Dan Clarke and Areyana from Mamabird Interviews to learn more about their business and how they are empowering young women of color. You can catch our FB Live interview below and keep reading for the scoop.

What they do:


Mamabird Interviews lifts up, empowers, and opens doors for women of color by offering good pay to young women for creating invaluable keepsakes – recorded interviews of your loved ones.

“The amazing young women of Mamabird will capture the essence of your loved one in a Zoom online interview that will one day become an invaluable time capsule. Think of the person in your life that you have lost that was most important to you. What price would you put on having a recorded interview with them? To hear their laugh, to see their smile, to hear their stories again? What value will this have in your future?”



Cost of interview and pay:

The interviews cost $300, $200 of which goes directly to the young woman recording the interview. The rest goes to the company so it can grow and help even more young women’s lives. The goal is to have each woman do 5 interviews a week, which leads to life changing money for them. They are all independent contractors and also learning about starting their own businesses, and looking to grow other revenue streams.



How it works:

The young women of Mamabird Interviews interview people on a digital platform. Their main goal is to capture the older generations, however, their services have value across all ages. What value would you give to be able to watch an interview of you when you were graduating high school for example? Or College? Or when you were about to have your first kid?

Check out this snippet from an interview with Victor Trujillo, 99 years young.

Learn more about their mission, process, and meet the young women of Mamabird Interviews on their website.

If you’re in need of a wedding film, check out their sister site, Mamabird Weddings.


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